Magento 2 Product Types

Magento 2 Product Types

By default, Magento 2 supports 6 product types. These are: Simple, Groped, Configurable, Virtual, Bundle and Downloadable products. To add a new product in a Magento 2 store, go to Products - Catalog - Add Product.

Product Types for Magento 2

Here is a brief overview of each product type.

Simple Product Type

Magento 2 simple product

Simple Product is a physical item with a single SKU (‘shelf keeping unit’) without any selectable variations. No sizes to choose from, no colors or other options.

For example: a cup/table/chandelier, etc.

This Magento 2 simple product article will tell you more about this type.

Grouped Product Type

Magento 2 grouped product

Grouped Product is a combination of several simple products all displayed on one page. Grouped Products have no prices, only their children products have. These products can be purchased separately, or as a group.

For example: a furniture/luggage/tea cup set.

This Magento 2 grouped product article will tell you more about this product type.

Configurable Product Type

Magento configurable product

Configurable Product is a combination of simple products with options (size, color, materials, etc.). Each option has a separate SKU, which allows a store admin to track the inventory.

For example: Neve Studio Dance Jacket is a configurable product. Because it's available in diffrenet sizes and colors. But, Neve Studio Dance Jacket size XS color Blue is already a simple product. 
Neve Studio Dance Jacket size M color Black is a simple product
, etc.

This Magento 2 configurable product article will tell you more about this product type.

Virtual Product Type

Magento virtual product

Virtual Productsdon't have a physical presence, so they don't need to be shipped, delivered or downloaded.

For example: support/tech service, online consulting or courses, insurance, reservation, etc.

Read this article for more information about this Magento 2 virtual product type.

Bundle Product Type

Magento bundle product

Bundle Products is a collection of simple products which cannot be sold separately. Customers can shape this product using any available options.

For example: a personal computer system, a game console with an extra controller or a gift basket.

Follow this link for more information about Magento 2 bundle product type.

Downloadable Product Type

Magento downlodable product

Downloadable product is used for one or more online software items that can be downloaded.

For example: Magento extensions, software, music files, eBooks, games, applications.

Follow this link for more information about Magento 2 downloadable product type.

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