Magento 2 Product Attributes

Magneto products have attributes allocated to them. These include: size, brand, color, SKU, etc. when you get to understand the attributes, you can easily optimize the performance of the product which will be both search-engine as well as user friendly. Take for instance: the Magneto products are already categorized according to their attributes in the section named ‘Shop By’ which allows the customers to filter their options in this catalog. 

Magento 2 system attributes

There are two types of attributes used by Magneto. These are described as follows:

Default or system attributes – these attributes are required for the proper functioning of a store and hence, can never be deleted. The specifications included in this type of the attribute set are name, price, URL, SKU, descriptions, images, etc. there is a list of forty two attributes in this default section by Magneto. You can find this list by hitting the Catalog button – Attributes – Manage Attributes.

Magento 2 product attributes

Custom attributes – this type of attributes are created by the store administrator for specific products. An unlimited amount of attributes can be added to this section.

Specifying Custom Attributes

Attribute Properties section

Before you set up a New Product Attribute, you are required to understand the properties of those attributes. This is necessary since once the attributes have been selected, they cannot be changed. Attribute code refers to the name of a specific attribute. It cannot be changed and also doesn’t appear in the front end.

The indication of where an attribute can be used is indicated by the Scope.  These places are:

  • Store view: different attribute values can be assigned to a different store or website views. Such as in one store you can indicate a product by blue color, whereas in other you can assign a yellow color to it.
  • Website: the values of attributes can differ from various websites.
  • Global: in this case the attribute value must not vary between different stores or websites.

The Catalog Input Type for Store Owners is provided by Magneto 2 so that the procedure of creating attributes gets easier. The data to be entered and the field format is determined by this. The allowed number of the field types in Magento 2 is nine and they cannot be changed later after being specified. These are:


Magento 2 product attributes 


  • Text field: this is the field which has a single line for text and contains name, SKU etc.
  • Text area: a larger amount of text data like description and explanation can be incorporated into it.
  • Date: the date is allowed to be used as an attribute and can either be directly typed in the field or can be input through the calendar.
  • Yes/no.
  • Price: the system configuration determines the currency.
  • Media image: Magneto default contains a thumbnail, a small image and a base image. More images can also be input.
  • Fixed product type.

Through the default value you can create a preset value for all the products. This signifies that when a new product is added to this option, the default value for the attribute will be pre-populated over it.

Magento 2 product attributes

Creation of duplicate values is prevented by Unique Value. This is helpful for attributes such as Stock Keeping Units, where a separate value is required for each SKU.

The Input Validation for a Store Owner allows the following data to be incorporated and is applicable only for the text input type.

  • Integer number
  • Decimal number
  • Email
  • URL
  • Letters or numbers

 Frontend Properties section

Through this section you can itemize the attributes as to how they can be used in sorting, search, compatibility of products, price rules and layered navigation. 


Magento 2 product attributes

Functions of settings:

Use in Quick Search makes an attribute to be searched

Use in Advanced Search permits the specific search of a product

Through the Comparable on Front End an attribute becomes visible when it is added to the product list by a customer.

By using the Use in Layered Navigation consumers can filter the products according to their convenience.

Use in Search Results Layered Navigation helps the products to be filtered via the attributes while searching

Promos are created by Use Promo Rule Conditions 

Managing Labels/Options section.

Go to Manage Titles section, hit the admin settings and enter the attribute name.

Under the default store view you can set the names for every store view.

Manage Options sections is essential for selecting dropdown attributes. You can set the order of sorting of the options in the position box. If you with you can use 3d party extension like Magento 2 custom options to manage product attributes easily

Advanced Product Options

One-of-a-kind solution for managing Magento custom options. Configure custom options for any product and more.


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