SEO Suite Ultimate Extension for Magento 2

Version 2.34.1
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This product is GDPR Compliant
    • SEO templates
      Use advanced templates to mass-optimize any meta values, descriptions, URL keys, SEO names (H1), etc. for ANY product/category/CMS/category filter pages.
    • Improve store crawling and indexation
      Help the search engine spiders better explore your store and index its important pages. Easily add XML and HTML sitemaps.
    • Build a well-organized website architecture
      Automatically cross-link all relevant site pages, as well as link to external authoritative sources.
    • Stand out in a crowd of competitors
      Improve your store click-through rates and boost its visibility with advanced Rich Snippets.
    • Get a complete arsenal of SEO tools
      Cover all the important SEO activities: eliminate duplicate content, set redirects, add breadcrumbs, optimize pages of any type, and dozens more!
    • SEO reports
      Use the built-in SEO reports to track and solve critical SEO issues for product, category and CMS pages.
    • GraphQL support
      Easily integrate our SEO features to your PWA store fronts.
СE: 2.2.2 - 2.4.x; EE: 2.2.2 - 2.4.x

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What is SEO Suite Ultimate for?

The 1st and most popular, all-in-one SEO extension for Magento stores. Often imitated, but never duplicated! SEO Suite Ultimate is a full-featured SEO solution that covers a full range of onpage SEO activities: from optimizing small page elements to building a well-thought site architecture.

The Issues SEO Extension Solves


Duplicate Content Elimination


Content duplication is a common issue of eCommerce categories (when one and the same product may get listed here and there), pages filtered by layered navigation, localized versions of the main domain, etc..


The canonical tags added by SEO Suite Ultimate inform Google about the preferred version of a page/domain. This way, the sources with similar content are not taken into account by the search engine.

Feature Highlights:

  • NEW!Custom canonical tags for products
  • Canonical URLs for product pages
  • Canonicals for category pages
  • Optimized category pagination
  • Pagination with rel=“next” and rel=“prev”
  • Canonical URL for pages with NOINDEX robots
  • Canonical Tags for Layered Navigation Pages (including those with multi-select)
  • Canonical URL for pages with NOINDEX robots
  • Cross-Domain Canonicals

Optimized Crawling and Indexation


It’s essential to get the main site pages crawled and indexed. At the same time, it’s necessary to restrict access to all insignificant pages, pages filtered with layered navigation (aka category filters), and those with thin//duplicate/no content or private info.


SEO Suite Ultimate enables you to help the Web spiders get to the key areas of your website, while driving them away from the private ones or those of minor importance. Crawling instructions are set with the robots meta header.

Feature Highlights:

  • Robots meta header for https pages
  • Noindex/follow robots meta header for pages without content
  • Robots meta header for additional site pages
  • Meta robots for category filter pages and custom meta robots for specific filter combination
  • Meta robots for layered navigation pages with multiple filter selection

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  • Internal Link Building (Cross Links)


    Linking relevant site pages equally distributes link juice among important site areas, and helps Google better crawl them. But if you have a big amount of product/category and CMS pages, adding links by hand can be quite a challenge.


    With this Magento 2 SEO extension, you can automatically link all related site pages in 3 easy steps: 1. Build the list of keywords -> 2. Select the types of pages, where these keywords will be equipped with links -> 3. Specify link URLs. That’s it.

    Feature Highlights:

    • Cross links for product/category/ CMS pages
    • Cross links for any landing page* of your choice
    • Linking pages within the chosen store view
    • Alt tags/Titles, Follow/Nofollow attributes to make cross links SEO-friendly
    • Cross links management (specifying max # replacements per page, keyword replacement priority, etc.)
    • Linking to relevant external sources (websites, blogs, etc.)

    Meta Data Optimization


    Besides creating semantically relevant content for each store page, one needs to optimize all meta data, descriptions, URLs, tags, etc.. That can be really hard if you have a big amount of pages to optimize (as in Magento, you have to do that either manually or with the help of the quite limited Fields Auto-Generation Magento 2 feature).


    This extension’s SEO templates enable you to quickly and easily optimize a massive amount of any meta data for any product, category page.

    What is more, you can mass-optimize such important site elements as the product page URL keys and H1 tags, as well as short descriptions and SEO names.

    Feature Highlights:

    • SEO templates to mass-optimize meta data (titles, descriptions, keywords) for product and category pages
    • Mass-optimization of important site elements (product page URL keys and H1 tags (SEO Names))
    • Custom meta data patterns (template rules)
    • Template test-apply feature
    • Attributes Randomizer - shuffle attributes to make the optimized page elements look more natural
    • Auto-generating SEO templates with Magento Cron

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  • SEO for Layered Navigation Pages


    If neglected, paged filtered by layered navigation (aka category filter pages of LN page, for short) can potentially create serious SEO issues.


    With SEO Suite Ultimate, you can turn any page filtered by layered navigation filters into a functional and SEO-optimized unit. This will help you extend and strengthen your site architecture, and produce more pages optimized for long-tail and specific search queries.

    Feature Highlights:

    • Custom Meta Data and descriptions for attributes and attribute values
    • SEO templates to mass-optimize meta data (titles, descriptions, keywords) for layered navigation pages
    • SEO-friendly LN page URLs
    • Canonical tags for any filtered page (including those with multiple selection)
    • Indexation settings for layered navigation pages

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  • Advanced Rich Snippets


    While Magento 2 product pages have microdata added out of the box, it is still rather basic. There’s no product availability info, business details (location, email); no support of data markup for category and CMS pages, Facebook Open Graph, Twitter Cards, etc..


    SEO Suite Ultimate allows you to quickly add advanced markup data, with any kind of valuable info for any product/category page, as well as optimize social postings.

    Structured data is added with JSON-LD method — no edits of HTML code are required.

    Feature Highlights:

    • Product page rich snippets (with product stock, SKU, category, brand, model, color, and more)
    • Category page rich snippets (with product detailed descriptions and offers, etc.)
    • Extended rich snippets for CMS pages
    • Rich Snippets with Merchant info (contacts, location, price range)
    • Open Graph & Twitter Cards for better content sharing
    • Including breadcrumbs
    • Support of speakable markup

    Alternate URLs (HREFLANG Tags)


    Content localization can breed duplicates. Being set for different languages, separate domains, subdomains or subdirectories may be treated by the search engines as duplicate content.


    With our Magento 2 SEO extension, you can set up alternate URLs to inform Google which page is an alternative language version of the origin.

    This way, Google understands what is classified as localized content and should be included into regional SERPs.

    Feature Highlights:

    • Hreflang tags for any localized store
    • Hreflang tag scope (global/website)
    • Enabling/disabling hreflang tags on product, category and CMS pages
    • X-default hreflang attribute for non-localized pages
    • Manual alternate URLs language select
    • Multi-stores CMS page relation

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  • HTML & XML Sitemaps


    It should be easy for the visitors and search engines to quickly and easy surf an online store. By default, Magento 2 doesn’t have the HTML sitemap functionality. Also, its XML sitemap comes only with the basic confirmation options.


    With SEO Suite for Magento 2 you can hierarchically arrange all your store links all in the HTML sitemap, so visitors can quickly overview the whole site structure and find what they need.

    Also, the extension significantly improves the functionality of the default XML sitemap.

    Feature Highlights:

    • Advanced XML sitemap
    • Separate XML sitemaps for product, category, CMS, as well as custom landing pages
    • Custom XML sitemap settings
    • Excluding out-of-stock products
    • Adding additional links
    • Fully-fledged HTML sitemap
    • Custom HTML sitemap settings
    • Excluding out-of-stock products
    • Adding additional links
    • Sitemap auto-generation

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  • Smart Breadcrumbs


    Site navigation should clearly tell visitors where they are on your site, as well as help the search engines work out how your site is structured.


    The extension is capable of generating advanced breadcrumbs that help your site visitors and the search engines better navigate through its pages.

    Feature Highlights:

    • Customer and search engines friendly breadcrumbs
    • Shortest, longest or the default breadcrumbs navigation paths
    • Breadcrumbs category prioritization for for products that are assigned to multiple categories
    • Breadcrumbs in rich snippets

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  • Smart Redirects


    If neglected, deleted product pages may negatively affect your general site SEO.


    With SEO Suite Ultimate, you can save link juice and prevent the customers from getting on the '404 Not Found' page, while deleting products, changing design or solving the broken URL issues.

    Also, the extension enables you to set custom redirects from/to any site page.

    Feature Highlights:

    • 301 (moved permanently) and 302 (moved temporarily) redirects for deleted products
    • Custom 301 and 302 from/to any product/category/CMS page

    NEW! SEO Reports


    It can be quite difficult to deal with such frequent SEO issues as duplicate content, missing values, errors in metadata and URLs with no data stored in one place. That’s where SEO reports create a possibility to conveniently overview SEO problems of your Magento 2 site and take care of them.


    The SEO reports functionality enables you to easily detect and track a variety of SEO issues on products, categories and CMS pages right from the Magento 2 backend.

    Feature Highlights:

    • SEO reports for product, category & CMS pages
    • Ability to find errors in metadata and URLs
    • Monitoring problems with missing/duplicate meta tags & names
    • Detecting SEO issues in CMS pages: duplicates, missing values

    Features of SEO Suite Ultimate Extension

    Canonical Tags

    Avoid duplicate content and strengthen the SEO potential of the most important store pages. Set canonical URLs to inform Google (and other search engines) about the preferred page for pages with similar content.

    With our Magento 2 SEO extension you can:

    • add canonical tags,
    • add custom canonical tags for products, categories and CMS pages,
    • ability to use the longest/shortest product canonical tag (by URL length / categories counter in the URL)
    • add/manage a trailing slash for the homepage canonical URL,
    • set cross-domain canonical URLs,
    • add the rel=next/prev tag,
    • use a pager for category canonical tags,
    • point layered navigation pages to either the current category or a filtered page,
    • disable canonical URL for pages with NOINDEX robots,
    • set the canonical tag if any LN filter uses multiselect (disable/filtered/current category values).

    Robot Meta Header

    Help the search engine spiders access and explore the key areas of your website (while restricting them from insignificant pages and pages with private info).

    This Magento 2 SEO Suite will let you:

    • configure the meta robots for any product separately or for group of products in bulk,
    • configure the meta robots for any category separately,
    • configure the meta robots for any CMS page,
    • configure robots meta header for pages with no content (like cart page, checkout etc),
    • configure the meta robots tag for any custom page (easily add any custom page),
    • set up the default meta robots tag for Layered Navigation pages,
    • define the # of layered navigation filters to forbid from indexation,
    • meta robots for any attribute combinations,
    • meta robots for category filter pages with multiple selection.
    • set up the robots the meta header for HTTPS pages separately if necessary,

    Cross Links

    Automate the process of internal link building. Link thematically relevant links within your website, as well as connect to authoritative external sources:

    • replace any targeted keywords with links to any product, category, CMS page or custom links (custom links can be to external pages as well),
    • select target cross links entities from product, category or CMS pages grid,
    • add cross links on any product, category, CMS pages,
    • exclude any product, category, CMS pages from adding the cross links,
    • specify the Store Views to build internal links for,
    • set number of keyword replacement & priority,
    • specify link alt/title & target values for each cross link,
    • add the cross links to the product description and short description,
    • manage all added cross links from one grid.

    Product SEO Templates

    SEO Product Templates let you optimize such important product page elements as:

    • meta title,
    • meta description,
    • meta keywords,
    • product URL key,
    • H1 tag / product SEO name,
    • product short description,
    • product description,
    • product images alt tag.

    The templates can be generated manually or assigned to Magento cron if you need to launch them regularly. If you have a large catalog, you can also run the product templates from CLI (command line interface)

    You can apply Magento 2 SEO templates for any chosen Store View(s) or all store views at once.

    The extension allows you to test the generated results before applying the templates and going live.

    The Randomizer feature is also available. It allows you to shuffle any text to make the text look more natural on every page.

    Any template can be applied to a chosen product or a selection of products.

    Category SEO Templates

    SEO Category Templates let you optimize such important category page elements as:

    • category meta title,
    • meta description,
    • meta keywords,
    • category description,
    • and SEO name.

    What is more, Magento 2 category SEO templates can be generated for any chosen Store View(s) or all Store Views. You can also run the "Test Apply" action to verify the result, generated by the template before going live.

    With the extension, you can also add dynamic variables that will be replaced with chosen filters in the Layered Navigation.

    Also, the attributes used for the template’s values can be shuffled with the Attribute Randomizer feature (to make their text look more natural on every page).

    Any template can be applied to the targeted categories or a category tree.

    The templates can be generated manually or assigned to Magento cron if you need to launch them regularly. If you have a large set of categories, you can also run the product templates from CLI (command line interface)

    Category Filter SEO

    Fully optimize pages filtered by layered navigation, and make them search engine and user friendly.

    With the extension’s smart templates, for each category filter page it's possible to specify:

    • meta title,
    • meta description,
    • meta keywords,
    • SEO name,
    • and a full page description.

    Also, you can define a priority of any attribute in the layered navigation block and tweak some other important settings.

    Besides, with the software, it’s possible to:

    • enable extended meta title and description on category layered navigation pages,
    • add any attributes to the layered navigation title and meta description tag,
    • set and manage canonical tags for any category LN page,
    • add NOINDEX, FOLLOW robot meta tags for category LN pages,
    • set the count of filters for NOINDEX, FOLLOW meta robots on LN pages,
    • set meta robots for any attribute or attributes combinations in the LN,
    • change category name on LN pages.

    Rich snippets

    Catch the user’s attention and win the click with more detailed search engine results, aka rich snippets.

    Rich snippets SEO functionality of SEO Suite Ultimate enables you to:

    • create rich snippets for product/category pages (ratings, reviews, stock, price, SKU, etc.),
    • use Open Graph & Twitter Cards for better content sharing,
    • include breadcrumbs into search results,
    • provide the customers with business Info (store name, description, location, email, etc.),
    • include page/website info (name and description) into the search engine results,
    • set a price range and image for the seller entity.

    Hreflang tags

    Inform Google which page is an alternative language version of a page and which is the main one. With SEO Suite Ultimate for Magento 2 you can:

    • add hreflang tags for any local store,
    • set hreflang URL scope (website or global),
    • opt to use hreflang tags on product, category and CMS pages,
    • use the language code from the default locale,
    • manually select the language for the alternate URLs,
    • set the X-default hreflang attribute for non-localized pages,
    • connect localized pages of these type by means of ID, URL key or an hreflang attribute,
    • conveniently overview alternate hreflang settings,
    • adds the Alternate URLs to Mageworx XML sitemap.

    Pager optimization

    Optimize Pagination Pages, and make them absolutely search engine friendly.

    • enable SEO friendly URLs for pagination pages,
    • set the format of the pager URL key,
    • use "Pager Var" parameter to specify how the "page" is defined in the pager URLs,
    • add pager number to meta title/ description (at the beginning or at the end).

    Smart Breadcrumbs

    Help visitors and search engines better navigate through your store with the advanced breadcrumbs feature.

    With SEO Suite Ultimate you can:

    • create customers and search engines friendly breadcrumbs,
    • use shortest, longest or the default breadcrumbs navigation paths,
    • prioritize categories to use in breadcrumbs for products that are assigned to multiple categories,
    • enable breadcrumbs in rich snippets.

    HTML Sitemap

    The extension enables you to generate a fully-fledged HTML sitemap where you can:

    • display all your stores,
    • include either all or only chosen products,
    • define a product sorting order,
    • display all categories and set the category maximum depth level,
    • include any CMS pages,
    • add any extra links,
    • set a trailing slash for a homepage and any other URLs.

    XML Sitemap

    Improve the functionality of the default Magento 2 XML sitemap. With this Magento 2 SEO extension you can:

    • generates XML sitemap with SEO-friendly URLs,
    • ability to split the XML sitemap by generating separate sitemaps for each page type (products, categories, CMS pages and additional links),
    • supports large catalogs by splitting the sitemap by certain number of URLs and/or by a file size (it allows you submit XML sitemap in case of more than 50k links),
    • generate XML sitemap for all or specific store views with correct URLs,
    • add any number of additional (custom) links and set their priority and frequency,
    • exclude out-of-stock products from the XML sitemap,
    • exclude any Product, Category and CMS page from the XML sitemap,
    • generate the XML sitemap right from Console,
    • automatically disable URLs with specific literal characters,
    • crop the home page URL identifier (ex: "/home/") and set its priority (1.0),
    • set a Trailing Slash for a homepage and any other URL,
    • exclude the pages with certain meta robots tag,
    • add category images to XML sitemap,
    • add product videos to XML sitemap.

    Blog Support

    The SEO Suite extension supports Mirasvit, Mageplaza & Aheadworks blog extensions. It is possible to add different types of blog's pages to Mageworx XML sitemap. The follow page types are supported:

    • blog posts
    • categories
    • tag pages
    • tag author pages
    • topic pages

    You can add or exclude each page type separately if necessary. The frequency and priority parameters for the blog pages are also available.

    Automatic Redirects

    Avoid losing customers by sending them to deleted product/404 pages.

    • automatically set permanent (301) or temporary (302) redirects on any deleted product page.
    • Keep visitors on the website, bring them to the relevant product categories and thus provide with a bunch of other similar products alternatives for the missing products. No coding required,

    • conveniently manage redirects for deleted products in the custom grid.
    • Overview the # of hits, enable/disable/delete/edit redirects, change their priority and select the desired category for the redirects all in one workspace!

    SEO Reports

    Track SEO problems with your products, categories and CMS pages directly from the Magento 2 back-end.

    • generate a report with SEO problems for products, categories and CMS pages,
    • find SEO issues in the SEO name, name, meta title, meta description and the URL,
    • track the following types of problems: duplicates in meta tags and names, long/short meta tags, names and URLs, missing meta tags and names,
    • additionally, find SEO issues in CMS page titles and contents: duplicates, missing values.

    Custom Redirects

    Add custom permanent (301) or temporary (302) redirects from/to any store page.

  • redirect users FROM any page of your store - be it a product, category, CMS Page or literally any URL page on your website TO any other page (including the URL on some other website),
  • conveniently manage redirects in the custom grid,
  • take full control of your custom redirects: apply mass actions (enable/disable/delete) to any selection of custom-made redirects; export/import all redirects in bulk and avoid slow manual edits. Two formats are provided: simple for fast edits and full for the most comprehensive tasks. Just upload the CSV file and apply hundreds of redirects at once.
  • GraphQL API Support

    The SEO Suite allows you to integrate our SEO features into your PWA store-fronts using the GraphQL API. The following features are supported for products, categories and CMS pages:

    • our canonical URLs (including the custom and cross-domains ones),
    • our meta robots,
    • alternate URLs,
    • values for product and category attributes, generated by our SEO templates,
    • HTML sitemap,
    • crosslinks.
    This extension for Magento 2 is fully GDPR complaint. The software neither collects nor stores any personal users' data.
    Also, the extension doesn't share any personal info with third parties, and doesn't use this data for any marketing purposes.

    What Our Users Say?

    Valer Zamulin
    Valèr Zamulin
    Founder and CEO of SEO Logist

    After dealing with a few inferior SEO extensions we finally discovered Ultimate SEO Suite and what a blessing that was! Fully scalable and adaptable to ever-changing Google requirements. Best yet is the people at Mageworx. You don't need to break your back explaining what needs to be done when change comes, because they are always up to speed on what's happening out there in the wondrous world of SEO. Always on the ball and spot-on. How rare it is to find a solution provider who just gets it!


    How to install our Magento 2 extensions?

    We offer 4 independent ways of Magento 2 extension installation:

    What Magento editions do MageWorx extensions support?

    MageWorx extensions support Magento 2 Open Source (former Community), Commerce (former Enterprise) editions including Magento 2 Commerce Cloud platform.

    MageWorx Repository: how to use it?
    Our own repository has been primarily intended to facilitate and speed up the process of MageWorx extensions installation and update.
    In order to work with the repository, you’ll need to have the Composer on the server first. This is the package manager of the PHP software that allows you to update & install scripts on your site.
    Click here for further installation instructions > > >
    Can I use 1 MageWorx license on multiple websites and staging/test hosts?
    According to MageWorx License Agreement, 1 copy of MageWorx software can be used on 1 Magento production installation. Thus, separate Magento installations require purchasing separate licenses.
    Please mind that the extensions are not domain related, i.e., if you run each website one 1 Magento installation, then 1 license can be used. However, if you’ve got several websites on different Magento installations, then separate licenses for each of them should be purchased.
    Full MageWorx License Agreement is available here > > >
    Before going live, can I test a MageWorx extension on a staging site?
    Yes, you can install and set up any MageWorx extension on a test environment before making changes on your production site.
    Are MageWorx extensions compatible with 3rd party themes?
    By default, all MageWorx Magento 2 extensions are tested on three most popular themes: Luma, Ultimo, and Porto.
    Are MageWorx extensions mobile-friendly?
    In the world where 45% of purchases are completed via mobile (according to Retail Dive), we find it crucial to test and optimize all MageWorx extensions for mobile friendliness.
    How can I pay for MageWorx products?
    Two most common payment methods are currently accepted ― credit card & PayPal. All the payment transactions are carried out in full compliance with the security and confidentiality requirements.
    For how long can I get free updates?
    MageWorx offers free LIFETIME updates & support.
    How can I get tech support?

    Currently, MageWorx Magento support team can be reached via:

    How can I migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2?
    Database migration, migrating custom-built functionality & design, as well as migrating advanced SEO settings ? these and other options are available within our one-stop migration service.
    To get a quote, you’ll need to contact our Client Relations Manager.
    Request an estimate here > > >
    How can I get a refund?
    30-day money back guarantee is offered for MageWorx extensions that have been purchased via our site ? customer satisfaction & creating true value are our top priority! Please mind that this is with the exception of those Magento 1 extensions that are intended to be upgraded to their Magento 2 versions within 30 days since the moment of M1 version purchase. In such a case, a refund will be applied solely to the Magento 2 extension version.
    Full MageWorx Refund Policy is available here > > >
    Does MageWorx have a discount program?
    Reward points, bulk & upgrade discounts ? at MageWorx, we do our best to show appreciation to our new & existing customers. Joining the program is fast and easy. To start saving with us, you need to create an account.
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    Reviews of SEO Suite Ultimate Extension for Magento 2

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    The best SEO extension for magento.

    On March 8, 2021
    - DonatoPirolo
    With this extension it is possible to really configure everything an ecommerce needs to get on the search engines.
    The extension is intuitive, smart and very simple to use. Definitely a best buy extension. I recommend it.

    Good module but some features are missing

    On February 3, 2021
    - Jack L. Boston, United States United States Verified User
    Definitely this is the best company to deal with and they developed the great module. I hope they will add the free shipping markup soon (however I understand it requires some Magento tweaks).

    Any way, their support is just great and you will always get friendly and helpful answers.

    Best SEO extension on the market!

    On January 21, 2021
    - Giannis
    This extension has a TON of different settings and features. I love the option to include the selected filter's name in the category's title! This has created a separate category page for each color of the product! Amazing and very powerful for SEO!

    Their support is also fantastic. Vitali is always making sure you are happy with buying an extension from them and even offering to fix bugs that have nothing to do with their extension! 5/5!

    The SEO extension : Best Extension and good support.

    On December 27, 2020
    - Kass Newark, United States United States Verified User
    After migrate from M2.3.3 to M2.4.1.
    I facing conflict search engine with "Canonical To".
    but, After I have update new version "The SEO extension".
    it worked perfectly again.
    Great Extension.

    Awesome Module

    On December 16, 2020
    - Devin Newark, United States United States Verified User
    Superb Extension
    Product Changelog
    • Legend:
    • New Feature
    • Bug Fix
    • Version: 2.34.1 (April 26, 2021)
    • Adds "Free shipping" markup
    • Separates the Open Graph and Twitter Cards settings
    • Re-organize the rich snippets settings
    • Adds the label for the SEO listing preview
    • Adds the Website and Seller Rich Snippets for Contact Us page
    • Fixes the JS error, when trying to export the SEO redirects
    • Fixes the confirmation message, when trying to remove the SEO templates.
    • Fixes the URL suffix in the SEO listing preview
    • Fixes the pager functionality in the meta keywords
    • Fixes the broken description if the cross links are added to the description, added via the Page Builder
    • Other minor bug fixes
    • Version: 2.33.5 (February 25, 2021)
    • Fixes the issue with SEO redirects on multiple-stores setup
    • Fixes the error with report email generation when the XML Sitemap is generated by Magento 2 cron
    • Version: 2.33.4 (February 23, 2021)
    • Fixes the error for the XML sitemap generation