Shop by Brand extension for Magento 2 v1.0.0

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    • Brand-based search made intuitive
      Create a more engaging shopping experience ― allow the customers to browse your site by favorite brands.

    • All-in-one-place brands listing
      Easily generate a fully customizable listing with available brands on a separate page.

    • SEO-friendly page setup
      Set data that is essential for better page ranking (meta title, H1 tags, meta description, etc.).

    • Brands priority search customization
      Highlight featured brands in a slider to direct customers’ attention to specific offerings.

    • Improved consumer purchase intentions
      Display brand logos on multiple site destinations: product pages, catalog, in slider to alter products’ quality perception.

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What is Shop by Brand for?

Brands create desire, sense of belonging, status & prestige. Introduce flawless & intuitive shop by brands functionality to bridge the distance between the customers and their favorites.

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