Magento extensions’
annual updates & support

Starting February 1, 2022, new Mageworx Magento extension purchases come with one year of free Magento updates and support only, following the official press release as of September 2021.

This page provides answers to the most common questions about the new pricing model, what benefits the initial purchase of an extension comes with and details on onwards annual updates and Magento technical support, information about fees, renewals, and answers to other frequently asked questions.

Terms for purchases made before February 1, 2022

As a customer-first company, Mageworx stands by its promise to offer free lifetime updates and free lifetime support to customers who have been choosing our Magento 2 solutions since our early days in 2008 and until February 1, 2022.

Any extensions bought before February 1, 2022, are covered by that promise and granted access to the promised benefits.

Free support
Free updates

Understanding Mageworx pricing model

We do our best to ensure that Mageworx Magento extensions come with a variety of benefits, precisely:

Initial purchase of an extension includes:

  • Free one-year access to all the extension’s updates
  • Free one-year access to technical support
  • 100% unencrypted code
  • Lifetime access to the extension’s codebase
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • No forced/auto-billing

Onwards purchase of the updates & Magento support package includes:

  • One-year access to the extension’s updates
  • One-year access to technical support
  • One-year access to new features and compatibilities

Updates and support period

The free updates and support period for a Mageworx Magento extension starts on the date of purchase and ends 12 months from the day your order is processed with no forced/automatic billing enabled.

Purchasers shall receive an automatic email reminder/notification about the approaching end of your free support and updates period.

To continue with second-year updates and support (and onwards), you’ll need to complete your payment as no automatic billing to proceed with your Magento extension’s updates and Magento 2 support will take place.

Notably, all Magento extension updates with security patches will be released to all our customers free of charge despite the purchase of the annual Magento update service and support package.

Importantly, the free updates & support package does not cover scenarios when the Mageworx technical team is not provided with direct admin and SSH access to a website, and remote access on the client’s server is available only. If so, extra paid support will be required.

Updates and support fee

Unless offset by Mageworx discounts:

The initial module’s price equals 100% of its original price displayed on Magento product pages and includes free updates & support.

Second-year/onwards updates and support package fee shall equal 60% of the product's list price despite any possible subsequent product price changes.


Our Magento 2 new pricing model supports the standard mechanism offered by the Mageworx Discount Program. It allows you to apply the earned store credits and special discount coupon codes to cover both the initial cost of our Magento extensions and subsequent annual updates and support packages.

Automatic quantity discounts will also help you save up to 25% already at the checkout stage.

Annual support & updates calculation examples

    Checkout Suite Advanced Product Options Suite Reward Points Donations Suite
  Price calculation Checkout Suite Advanced Product
Reward Points Donations Suite
  Original price $399 $299 $199 $99
extension’s price
No discounts $399 $299 $199 $99
  Store credits equal $29, e.g. List price - discount = your initial price $370 $270 $170 $70
updates and support price
No discounts List price x 60% = cost of second-year updates & support $239,4 $179,4 $119,4 $59,4
  Store credits equal $29, e.g. List price x 60% - discount = cost of
second-year updates & support
$210,4 $150,4 $90,4 $30,4
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No recurring payments

Mageworx annual updates and support package is designed to ensure there is no forced recurring billing for our Magento 2 extension users.

We will notify you about the upcoming end of your free updates and support period in advance via the same email your order confirmation email was sent to, and if you decide to leave, just take no action.

Renewal of annual updates and support

Our annual updates and Magento support package comes with NO updates & support renewal fees and NO extra charges for those who choose to return.

All Mageworx extensions have their own continually updated development roadmaps that ensure our solutions cater in full to the needs of the everchanging eCommerce world and best Magento practices. This is achieved by regular bug fixes, new features, and compatibility releases.

We understand the need for flexibility for businesses and welcome all our solutions’ users back on board at any time of your convenience on standard pricing terms.

You can opt in to the annual Magento update service and support package from your account dashboard.

FAQ: Mageworx Magento support services and Magento updates


What does the annual updates and Magento support package include?

An annual Mageworx updates and support package offers access to the extension’s updates (including new features, bug fixes, security patches, and compatibilities with new Magento 2 versions/other Magento solutions) and technical support.

To learn more about all the available Mageworx Magento support types, navigate here.

How can I check the status of my updates and support?

All the data on your annual updates and support package’s start date and end date will be available under the Mageworx account you used to check out.

Should I delete the extension if I choose not to purchase the annual updates & support package?

No, the initial purchase of the Mageworx Magento extension gives you lifetime access to its original codebase. You can customize and use it following your business needs.

What will be the Refund Policy for your products?

Mageworx will continue offering a 60-day money-back guarantee for purchases made on Click here for more information.

Will you offer a free trial period for Magento 2 extensions?

No, no free trials will be offered for our Magento 2 modules. However, all Mageworx Magento extensions come with a 60-day “no questions asked” money-back guarantee.

Does the annual updates & support package cover Mageworx free extensions?

No, paid support only is available for Mageworx free extensions.
For more details on the technical support types and rates, click here.


Will you charge my account automatically?

No, there is no automatic billing for Mageworx updates and support.

Can we use Mageworx store credits and personal coupon codes to cover second-year and onwards updates and support?

Yes, you can.

Will there be a grace period?

No changes are expected to the initial payment process at the moment.

Updates and support

I purchased one of your extensions on Magento Marketplace. Do I need to buy the annual updates & support package?

Any extensions purchased before February 1, 2022, on Magento Marketplace also come with free updates and support. However, purchases made after February 1, 2022, will need to buy the annual updates & support package to access the service.

Can I get updated packages if I choose not to purchase annual updates and support?

No, you can’t. After you choose to opt out, you lose access to new version releases for an extension.

Will security patches for Magento extensions be released to all customers?

Yes, any security packages for our modules will become available to all their users without any extra charges.

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