Magento 2 Downloadable Product Type

A Downloadable product type allows you to sell digital products, like eBooks, software applications, music, updates, games, etc. Follow the steps below to add downloadable products to your Magento 2.

Magento 2 downloadable product

Step 1: Select the Product Type.

Go to Products - Catalog, hit the 'Add Product' button and select the 'Downloadable Product' type.

Magento downloadable product

Step 2: Complete Basic Information.

Enter basic product information. The process resembles creating a simple product, but differs in some ways.

  • In the Main Info section, select the Downloadable Attribute Set and the Download/DVD format;
  • In the Downloadable Info section, put a tick in the Is this downloadable Product? box.

Magento 2 downloadable product type

Magento 2 downloadable product type

Step 3: Fill In the Downloadable Information.

Enter the title of your downloadable products list. It can be the title of your album, eBook series, etc. When done, set whether Links can be purchased separately to offer multiple downloadable links or a single link.

Click the 'Add Link' button to open a new row.

  • Enter the title of the link and its price (if it can be purchased separately).
  • Specify the File type. The Upload Files type will attach the file directly, while with the URL type you can insert the address of the link.
  • Choose whether the attached link is shareable or not. This which enables clients to share the link with others without logging in.
  • Specify the max. number of downloads.

Downaloadable products in Magento 2

Step 4: Add Free Samples.

If you want to give a free sample of your product, add a new link from the Samples section below the Links section. Enter the title and attach the sample’s file.

Downloadable File Type in Magento 2

When done, check all the information and save the product.

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