In this category, you'll find Mageworx extensions designed to optimize Magento 2 product management and amplify their benefits and value for the customer.

Getting the consumer to buy a product or service, it’s a must to ensure your offerings solve a problem in the most convenient, straightforward, and fast way. Our product extensions for Magento stores help manage your offerings in such a way they emphasize and amplify positive customer experiences on your pages. This is achieved by presenting as many product options as possible in a user-friendly manner, sharing downloadable files, and more.

What are the top Magento product management tools?

Managing products involves multiple processes, such as researching, planning, developing, launching, editing, and improving. With the host of product types that Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce support within the catalog―such as simple products, configurable products, grouped products, bundles, etc.―the ability to quickly and easily update products of different types and product categories allows advancing efficiency.

Tried and tested Magento 2 product information management extensions will bring your site and sales to a new level:

The Advanced Product Options Suite Suite is a unique product extension that not only allows creating and managing beautiful multiple products variations but displaying your offerings in a most eye-candy way. The module can also help with product inventory management.

Product Options Templates is perfect for creating and displaying custom options to the customers. With the Magento product management tool, you’ll be able to determine the option’s format, as well as assign options by ID/SKU.

File Downloads & Product Attachments is another Magento 2 product management module that allows adding additional product information to specific site pages. With the module, you can not only introduce, track and manage file downloads fast and easy but limit file availability to specific customer groups.

Though more related to the shipping category, Shipping Cost Calculator on Product Page helps Magento 2 manage products pages by adding a new “Estimated Shipping” block to them. Thus, your site visitors can avoid unexpected shipping fees at the checkout, while you get to decrease the possibility of cart abandonment.

Others Also Bought is a free Magento product extension that introduces smart recommendations by filling in the “Related Products” block automatically.

Here’s another product information management solution by Staylime―Event Management. With its help, you can create, sell and manage events.

Need some other than a product management Magento solution, see the complete list of Mageworx’s extensions. Or, we welcome you to navigate straight to the category of your choice:

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