Magento 2 Product Management

The moment you start working with Magento 2, you know you’ve never used anything like this before – improved performance & scalability, advanced customization possibilities, enhanced product security and code of higher quality. This robust eCommerce market leader will certainly open new vistas for your business. At MageWorx, we’ve put in great efforts to help the merchants speed up Magento 2 product management.

Advanced Product Options Suite

All-in-one, highly customization solution for managing Magento 2 advanced product options. Increase your store revenue and serve your customers in a better way.


Shop by Brand

Brands create desire, sense of belonging, status & prestige. Introduce flawless & intuitive shop by brands functionality to bridge the distance between the customers and their favorites


File Downloads and Product Attachments

Add various kinds of attachments to your product pages - equip them with product videos, user guides, price lists, and any other type of useful materials of any format.


Product Custom Options Templates

Ease the pain of manual product configuration. Create any number of custom options templates like color,size, dimensions,etc. just in a few clicks.


Shipping Calculator

Increase conversion rates and improve customer experience by letting your customers calculate the shipping prices right on the product page.


When it comes to online shopping, it’s top priority for the merchant to give a good showing to the online offerings. Be it the ability for the customer to conveniently purchase products with multiple custom options. Be it a possibility to easily download files of any format from your pages and have a better idea about the products. Be it the convenience of the advanced product and its options management for the merchant. Or, be it a chance to display the offerings as close as possible to the way they look in real life. Tried and true Magento 2 product management extensions will bring your site and sales to a new level.

The Advanced Product Options Suite is a unique solution that not only allows creating and managing beautiful product variations but displaying your offerings in a most eye-candy way.

Product Options Templates would be perfect for creating and displaying beautiful product variations to the customers. You’ll be able to determine the option’s format, as well as assign options by product ID/SKU.

File Downloads & Product Attachments is one of the product page extensions for Magento 2 that allows adding additional extra data. Introduce, track and manage file downloads, fast and easy.

Others Also Bought is a free extension that introduces smart recommendations by automatically filling in the ‘Related Products’ block.

Bridge the distance between the shoppers and their favorite brands ― introduce Shop by Brands functionality.