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Providing excellent customer support service is at the heart of Mageworx.

With an average first response time of fewer than 24 hours on weekdays, our experienced customer service team members ensure you get straight-to-the-point assistance and issues solved as soon as possible.

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What types of technical support do we offer?

To cater to the needs of businesses of all sizes and individual Magento Developers, we offer three technical support variations for Mageworx Magento extensions – annual updates & support package, priority support, and extra paid support.

Annual updates & support package

Free during the first year after purchasing a Magento extension and necessary to be purchased separately from the second year and onwards, this type of Mageworx support is what our paid Magento extensions come with out-of-the-box. It includes as follows:

First-come, first-served basis

Compatibility fixes with themes and Magento modules mentioned as compatible on their product pages

Extension’s installation issues

Fixes of the extension’s bugs and issues

Clarifications regarding the extension’s logic or configurations

Conflicts with the supported Magento versions

After resolving the reported issue, the fix will be included either in the next extension’s version update or provided to you as a patch to deal with the error.
Please note: The free support does not cover scenarios when the Mageworx technical team is not provided with direct admin and SSH access to a website, and remote access on the client’s server is available only. If so, extra paid support will be required.
Click here to learn more about the annual updates & support package, available at non-recurring costs.

Extra paid support

Unless covered by the annual updates & support package, this type of Adobe Commerce support service includes a variety of customization scenarios. If you feel like your business could use a specific feature the extension is currently missing, we’ll be happy to help you out. Extra paid technical support covers:

Issues with themes and Magento modules incompatible with our extensions out-of-the-box

Configuration of the Shipping Suite module

Extension’s customization following unique business requirements

Personalized configuration of a module following set goals

After assessing your objectives, one of our Magento Developers will share the details on how they plan to achieve the goal and estimate how many hours they need to complete those goals at the rate of $60/man-hour.
Alternatively, our additional services can help achieve specific business objectives:

Priority support

This type of paid Magento customer service is available for both the annual updates & support package and extra paid support service. In this case, your ticket is assigned the priority status, and it gets escalated in our ticketing system. Not only our Customer Support Manager but also a Magento Developer will address your request:

Escalation of the ticket

2-hour time frame on response and evaluation

Magento Developer on the ticket

Phone support

Within 2 hours on weekdays, our team will review your issue, find what causes it and either fix it ASAP or provide an estimate on how many man-hours it will take to solve the issue, if possible.
Please note that purchasing priority support does not guarantee that your issue will be solved over the specified timespan in cases when it is impossible to achieve technically or more time is required to deal with the issue.

Need a walkthrough?

We offer a free 30-minute one-to-one live session, where our specialist shares general information on the extension or covers your questions.

While a live demo has not been designed to solve technical issues, it allows you to:

Learn more about the module *

Find answers about specific features

Ask any question of your concern, and get answers during a live walkthrough

* Currently available for Advanced Product Options only.

FAQ: Mageworx Magento customer service

I purchased your extension via the Adobe Commerce Marketplace. How do I request your assistance?

You’re welcome to use the communication touchpoints with our Magento Customer Service team shared above. Just mention that you purchased the module via Magento Marketplace and attach your order number. We will handle your ticket within the annual updates & support package.

I used the Amasty store to buy your module. Will you help me deal with the issue?

Sure! Though the Amasty support team is likely to handle your ticket first as a part of your support subscription package, we are always ready to get involved if required and help resolve an error in our modules.

Your extension has a compatibility issue with my Amasty module. Will you fix it as a part of the annual updates & support package, or will I have to purchase your “Extra paid support”?

You won’t need to pay extra as Mageworx extensions are compatible with the Amasty ones out-of-the-box. Should you have any issues, they will get fixed within your annual updates & support package.

I purchased priority support, but my issue was not solved. What to do next?

We do not let our customers leave without having their issues solved! =) Our Magento Customer Service team will share any possible collaboration scenarios within your ticket so that your request is solved successfully, whatever the case is.

Feel free to drop us a line on the Support page if you have questions.

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