Magento 2 Virtual Product

In addition to the traditional physical products in Magento 2, there is virtual product functionality. An important moment that this product type isn’t available to download and it doesn’t require shipping accordingly. On top of that, virtual products can be included into a grouped or bundled products.

In common, virtual products are services, that are provided in addition to the main purchase.

Virtual products are generally subscriptions, memberships or any other services offered with a product. In addition, that can be some sort of extra warranty, for example, an additional 3-month warranty for a purchased cellphone.

To create a new virtual product, open the Admin Panel of your Magento 2 store. Hit the «Products» button and select «Catalog». Hit the arrow near the «Add Product» button and select the «Virtual Product» option.

Magento 2 Virtual product

Here, you should enter the key information about your virtual product, like Name, SKU, Price. In addition, you are able to specify other details (set visibility, attach image and enter description e.g.).

 Virtual product Magento 2

After that, hit the «Save» button to finish the creation of a virtual product.

Magento Virtual product

After completing the creation of a gift card product you are able to sell it in your Magento 2 store.

if you are interested to manage product types and attributes easily you may look at paid extensions such as Magento 2 Product Options Suite

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