Magento 2 Attribute sets

Attribute sets can be defined as the list of attributes where all the characteristics of a product are demonstrated. For a new product the attribute set works as a template. This signifies that each and every product must have its own attribute set which is helpful in cases of:

  • Dividing the products into groups
  • The traits of a product are accumulated in a single place
  • The required information about a product can be imported in a single step

Magneto 2 too has its default attribute set where the product traits or attributes are the commonly used selections, for example, SKU, name, description, price etc.

Magento 2 attribuye set

You may click on the Add New Set button in order to create another new attribute set. After clicking here you need to specify the set name and then select another set of attributes. After this, you need to edit the Attribute Set configuration. Below are the few terms that you need to know:

Add Magento 2 attribuye set

  • Set name: as the term suggests, this is the name of the attribute set. The label which will be created is not visible on the front end and is only for internal use.
  • Groups: this refers to the number of organized attribute sets. For instance: if the name of an attribute group is Meta information, it will contain attributes like Meta description, Meta title and Meta keyword.
  • Unassigned attributes: these are the attributes which are still unassigned to any group, but can be done at any time by just dragging them and dropping them into a group.

Using attribute sets

If you need to allocate an attribute set to the products, follow the step below:

Go to Products -> Catalog > Add product

From there you can select the required attribute set. Therefore, when the groups for a specific product contain the same set of attributes they come up as sections in the product information panel.

attribute set Magento 2

To manage product types and attributes easily you can use 3d party plugin as Magento 2 Product options suite .

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