Speed, cost, and timeliness of delivery are what concern shoppers worldwide the most and can be tweaked with the help of quality Magento 2 shipping extensions.

This category highlights Mageworx’s shipping modules designed to assist you in building a winning delivery process from scratch. With their help, store owners can flawlessly manage table rates, let site visitors calculate delivery costs right on product pages, offer the buy online pick up in-store functionality, advance consumers’ shopping experience with more accurate dates and even charge extra fees for specific delivery slots, and offer curbside pickup.

Which is the best shipping extension?

An effective delivery strategy is crucial for a successful eCommerce business operation. Besides building a streamlined process of shipment and making sure the customer receives the order in time, shipping remains a critical decision-shaping factor. It also makes significant contributions to building customer loyalty and trust to an eCommerce seller. Mageworx’s extensions allow expanding the default functionality of the platform and achieving whatever objectives your business might have.

As a constantly evolving eCommerce platform, Magento offers flexible shipping options and intelligent delivery automation capabilities. However, the default functionality sometimes may not be enough to achieve business-specific goals, such as creating complex conditions, displaying a calendar, or adding custom shipping methods or regions.

This category lists Magento shipping extensions that will help you bridge the functionality gap and have the most native experience possible:

Shipping Suite is one of the top shipping modules that offer a complex approach towards delivery management. Magento shipping cost editing, creating shipping carriers, adding custom methods and regions, setting delivery based on product, displaying a zones popup are just a few out of the many available features. The module also comes with the possibility to calculate shipping rates on product pages.

Effortlessly introduce in-store pickup functionality in your online store as a new free shipping method! Store Locator & In-Store Pickup creates an SEO-optimized page with Google Maps functionality for convenient store selection, product availability check, and benefit from MSI, multi-address, and API support. Besides, the extension allows you to manage your existing store using a CSV file promptly.

Delivery Date is one of our extensions that brings order delivery to a whole new level, akin to the growing importance of Magento delivery tracking. Besides setting delivery options limits, you’ll be able to specify the required time for order processing, display such features to specific customers or store views, let the shoppers leave comments on their orders, and much more.

Tested on 23,000 table rates with 1,700,000 postal codes that get processed within 2-3 seconds on the checkout page, Shipping Table Rates is one of the shipping extensions to go for when optimizing table rates management accurately calculate delivery based on such custom shipping rates combination as shopping cart weight and destination address, etc.

Shipping Calculator extension for Magento does not offer Magento 2 shipment tracking but helps your product page visitors quickly calculate the order’s shipping cost based on such settings as specific countries, states, postal codes, etc. without having to proceed to the checkout page. Eye-candy configurable fields will ensure an intuitive UX for your shoppers.

As the pandemic keeps progressing, more delivery options become required. Like some are expecting Magento 2 shipping tracking features, other shoppers might consider shipment options that do not involve interaction with the delivery men. To help ensure such an experience and support Magento 2-based businesses, we’ve developed the free No-Contact Delivery plugin.

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