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With exclusive benefits and earnings, we help partners.

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Guru partners

3 levels of partners


15% Discount

Annual spent is < $2,000


25% Discount

Annual spent is > $2,000 but < $4500


35% Discount

Annual spent is > $4,500

4 reasons to join


Progressive discounts program. The initial discount you will get is 15%. The more you purchase, the higher discount you get. You can be saving up to 35% on your every purchase!

mageworx partner program


Dedicated manager with high priority support. Every your support request will be handled with high priority.

mageworx partner program


Access to our extensions prior the purchase. You can get access to all our extensions prior your purchases for early tests. Being our partner, you will be able to affect the extensions road map to get new features sooner.

mageworx partner program


Our partners are welcome to join our guest-blogging, social media and email marketing activities.

mageworx partner program


Do I need to pay a partnership fee?

No, participation in our partnership program is free of charge.

How fast does my partnership account get activated?

The parthership account gets activated after we review the information about our potential partner ex. website, reviews etc. The activation of a partnership account does not take more than 24hrs.

What are the requirements to get listed in the Partners Directory with a dedicated page?

All our partners can be listed in the Partners Directory and have a dedicated page.

Are you interested in cooperative marketing activities?

Absolutely! We are always up for cooperative marketing activities, especially with our partners.

Feel free to drop us a line on the Support page if you have questions.

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