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Grow your Magento business and reap benefits with MageWorx Partner Program

MageWorx Partnership Program aims at creating transparent and mutually profitable connections with Magento agencies, individual Magento developers and like-minded Magento folks.

There are 2 types of partnership we offer:

Extension Partnership

Get big discounts on purchasing permium quality Magento solutions and personal high priority support. NO Participation Fee is required!

To become a MageWorx partner, you only need to create an account with us and submit an application request. As soon as your request is reviewed and approved, you will be able to buy our products at a discounted rate.

NOTE! We have a PROGRESSIVE discount system. The initial discount you will get is 15%. If your accumulated revenue grows with us, you can save up to 50% on every purchase!

  • Revenue Commitment from $10K to $15K/per year
  • Revenue Commitment from $15K to $25K/per year
  • Revenue Commitment from $25K to $35K/per year
  • Revenue Commitment from $35K to $50K/per year
  • Revenue Commitment from $50K/per year and bigger

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*When you reach the required amount of the accumulated revenue, please contact us, and we'll increase the amount of your Partner Discount. You may check the amount of the accumulated revenue in your User Account on our website.

Business Analysis and Product Development Collaboration

Are you cherishing an idea of creating a new Magento product? Do you have plans to launch a revolutionary new service for the eCommerce platform? Magento's vibrant ecosystem offers great opportunities for those who what to innovate.

Our team will be happy to discuss any possible contribution to your project!

We can assist you in business planning, assess the risks, help you with our development recourses, support you with our existing Magento solutions and more.

Just contact us to discuss the details.


As we mentioned above, the main goal of our program is to build mutually beneficial, long-lasting relations with international and local Magento agencies, and established individual Magento developers.

That’s why after you submit a request, we may want to check out your website, your LinkedIn profile, or personally contact you. :)

If everything is fine, your request gets approved within 24 hours.

Absolutely no! The Program is totally free to take part in.

Yes, we’ve set the Minimum Revenue Commitment. But the amount one needs to generate to stay in the program is ridiculously small.

The accumulated Partner Revenue at MageWorx should be at least $500/ 6months.

Please note, that in case one fails to reach the Minimum, their Partner account gets downgraded to the regular user level.

Since our partners can get up to 50% off on any product, they can’t use the discounts we issue for our promo campaigns as well as MageWorx internal reward points.

MageWorx takes the full responsibility for providing refunds to our partner’s clients.

We guarantee free lifetime support for all our paid solutions.

However, that doesn’t cove the cases when you drastically change the existing product code or add new features on top of the current functionality.

Upon signup, you will get a dedicated account manager who will provide you with everything you may need.

In case of a fraud or any other unacceptable behavior of the Partner, MageWorx can terminate the partnership relations without prior notice.

Both MageWorx and the Partner can end the Partnership agreement by providing a special notice.

No, it's strictly forbidden.

We careful examine all submitted requests, and if we detect that somebody has submitted both partner and affiliate requests, we contact them and suggest to choose one, more preferable option.


We will be more than happy to promote our partnership via our social media, blog, and newsletters. Also, all MageWorx partners get listed here:

Interested? Please submit your contact information via the form below, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.