Magento marketing extensions by Mageworx are tailored to give your digital strategy a boost by extending the platform’s core functionality.

In this category, you’ll find Magento 2 marketing extensions that let store owners launch and run a successful reward points system, boost sales and marketing campaigns, sell gift cards, support charities, collect user-generated content, engage with cart abandoners, personalize prices and discounts, i.e., access the tools that make life easier for Magento store marketers and salespeople.

What are the Magento extensions for digital marketing?

All our Magento marketing tools have been designed to introduce customizations for online store owners that enhance various aspects of on-site marketing and sales activities.

Being an Innovate Adobe Exchange Partner, Mageworx is a go-to provider of Magento extensions, including marketing automation tools that assist you in conversion rate optimization.

Developed in full compliance with the official standards and best practices, the Mageworx marketing extensions for Magento help turn ideas into a complete strategy.

On this page, you can overview a full list of Mageworx modules designed to bring your Magento online marketing to a whole new level.

Marketing & Sales Suite is a powerful have-it-all marketing automation toolkit that incorporates all a business might need to kickstart Magento marketing activities―from running a reward points system, creating urgency, setting up custom discounts, personalizing prices, and creating social proof to automating the process of product reviews collection with customizable automatic popups and email marketing.

When it comes to personalization, Customer Prices Suite is the Magento marketing module to turn your attention to. It allows displaying custom prices on product pages to specific customer segments and, importantly, replace the main price completely (unlike in default Magento 2). Personalized deals are what else the module offers.

If you are thinking, how do I create a loyalty program in Magento 2?―consider Reward Points. In Magento online marketing activities, this module helps implement a variety of scenarios to reward your shoppers and build flexible triggers and rules.

Ultimate Sales Boost has been designed to enhance the effectiveness of your sales campaigns. With the help of its tools, you can create urgency and scarcity for your time-limited campaigns and ongoing activities.

Any eCommerce business seeks effective means to increase the average order value. Multi Fees is one of the marketing extensions in our product family that helps achieve such a goal. Product, shopping cart, transaction, handling, shipping, and payment fees can be managed with the help of the module.

How do I manage product reviews and ratings in Magento? The answer is―Product Reviews & Reminders. Besides advancing the default reviews possibilities, it is also a popup and Magento email marketing extension that enables you to automate the process of feedback collection. Plus, it helps collect user-generated content, the importance of which for search engines should not be underestimated.

Product Countdown Timers is a Magento marketing tool that lets you add highly customizable timers to your site pages. They will be enabled and disabled following your preferences and can be positioned anywhere on a page.

The Affiliate Magento 2 extension is designed to help your business increase website traffic, boost sales, leverage cost-effective marketing, and increase brand awareness. The module provides all the features required to launch and run an affiliate program, including tracking and reporting functionality.

Social Proof & FOMO is another solution on our marketing extensions list. With its help, you can enable popup and HTML text notifications about recent sales and product popularity.

The Gift Cards extension lets merchants create gift vouchers of three types: email, print-at-home, and send-by-post-office. With multi-store, REST API, and GraphQL support, the module boasts high customizability to meet the requirements of your business.

Supporting a charity is the right thing to do. Besides, brands that get involved in such activities have a more positive image for their customers. Although Donations Suite is not a free Magento 2 marketing extension, it has much to offer at its giveaway price.

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