File Downloads and Product Attachments for Magento 2

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File Downloads and Product Attachments for Magento 2

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Main features

Downloadable files of any file format for any site page
Multiple attachments upload option for bulk upload
Permission management to grant/limit access to files
Basic analytics for file download tracking and stats
Files in order emails to download after purchasing
Migration from Magento 1 to transfer attachments
Import/export functionality for files facile management
GraphQL support for integration with PWA storefronts
Magento 2 REST API support to add/edit/remove/attach files
Compatible with Magento 2 Venia, ScandiPWA, Hyva-themes



Magento Compatibility

CE 2.3.x - 2.4.x; EE 2.3.x - 2.4.x

Hyva-ready PWA-ready GraphQL API REST API

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  • Lifetime access to the source code
  • 1 year of free updates and support
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Key features

product attachments for magento 2

Magento 2 product attachments

Use product attachments for Magento 2 to make site pages more informative and share detailed descriptions. Attach manuals, video tutorials, price lists, etc.
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magento file download extension on any page

Magento 2 attachments of any file formats on any page

The module lets upload attachments of any file type and supports all popular file formats, which amounts to over 25 formats. You can attach files on products, categories, CMS pages.
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product attachments extension limits

File upload access restrictions and limits

Use the Product Attachment extension for Magento 2 to display files to specific customer groups/store views only. Show notifications to trigger customer login and eligibility for file download.
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product attachment extension for magento 2 bulk upload

Magento 2 attachments bulk editing and upload

The Magento Product Attachment extension comes with the possibility of managing files in bulk. You’ll enjoy mass adding, editing, and deleting any number of attachments as per your requirements.
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magento upload file via API

API support & product attachments for Magento 2 import/export

Quickly update and manage any data related to Magento 2 product attachments via a CSV file. Manage files using Magento 2 API.
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Unencrypted code for hassle-free editing if required by your clients

Extensions' code implementation following Magento's recommended best practices

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Attaching downloadable files

The Magento Product Attachments extension allows you to bypass the limitations of the core platform. You’ll be able to attach downloadable files of any format and show attachments on any product, category, or CMS page to:

Provide site visitors with maximally informative descriptions
Create another competitive advantage
Move certain pieces of information from your site pages when selling complex vendibles

How to add product detail attachment of product details? The Product Attachments extension equips your site pages with a special Downloads block and enables you to upload such files as:

User manuals
Video tutorials
Price lists
Zip files, etc.

Files access restrictions

For a variety of reasons, you may want to control, limit or restrict customers’ access to documents and files.

Depending on the categories of your site visitors, the Magento file upload extension enables you to:

Display/hide files from different customer groups
Encourage users to sign up/log in to their accounts to access files
Add a marketing message to inform customers about what needs to be done to qualify for file download

Attachments widgets

While the Magento file download extension allows you to show attachments on product, category, and CMS pages, the module comes with the possibility to insert files on any page of your site using Magento 2 widgets. This also includes pages added by third-party solutions that support Magento 2 widgets.

The Adobe Commerce module adds two new types of widgets:

Attachment sections for displaying file sections only
Attachments to display file downloads

Files management

The Magento file download extension streamlines the process of product attachment management. Besides the possibility to conveniently add, edit and delete file uploads, you can:

Set name and description for Magento 2 product attachments
Group files by category
Assign files by a product grid, ID, or SKU
Assign files to different store views and customer groups
Add attachments from the product catalog
Add files to order confirmation emails
Limit the number of file downloads
Sort attachments alphabetically or by name
Specify the title for the Downloads block and the Product Downloads page
Choose to display the file size and the number of downloads on the storefront
Attach any number of files at once using the Magento upload files in bulk functionality
Upload files directly from the Product edit page in the back-end

Need to add more management opportunities to your Magento 2 orders? See the Order Management extension.

Multi-store support

Suppose you run more than one online store in a single Magento installation. In that case, you can adjust the Magento 2 extension’s front-end settings for every store and translate downloadable files to different languages.

For different store views, the Magento file upload extension enables you to set different:

File titles
File descriptions
Section titles
Section descriptions

User experience

Product Attachments for Magento 2 brings another means to make your offerings credible. Exhaustive product details help provide users with every possible detail about the product they could possibly need.

The module lets your site visitors:

Overview downloadable file’s name, description, and size
Access clear instructions on how to download attachments (if not freely available)
See how many times other site visitors downloaded the files
Download files from the order confirmation emails

Product attachments for Magento 2 import/export

The solution allows managing your downloadable files using a CSV file. With the Magento 2 attach PDF to product module, you can

Import/export file attachments
Import/export file sections
Migrate files and sections from the Mageworx Magento 1 File Downloads & Product Attachments module

REST API support

The Magento 2 attach PDF to product solution provides the support of REST API functionality. Using REST API, you can:

Add, edit, and delete downloadable files
Assign files to products

GraphQL API support

The GraphQL API functionality allows integrating the extension with any custom PWA storefronts by retrieving all the extension’s features.

The Magento Product Attachments extension boasts compatibility with the following PWA storefronts:

Magento 2 Venia PWA

The free compatibility add-ons for the module are available in the Mageworx GitHub repository. To download the Venia PWA add-on, click here. The ScandiPWA add-on is available here.

Hyva Themes compatibility

The extension is compatible with Hyva theme. See our user guide for more details.

Calculate shipping on product pages?

Improve your Magento product pages by displaying the estimated delivery cost block. Reduce cart abandonment!
Explore the complete list of features.
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Product changelog


June 7, 2024
Bug fix
  • Improves compatibility with Magento 2.4.4 and newer
  • Fixes the file uploader issue on product page


May 31, 2024
What's new
  • Adds support for Magento 2.4.7
  • Replaces jQuery uploader with a native Magento uploader
Bug fix
  • Fixes fatal error if there are no any existed sections
  • Fixes missing icon for links
  • Additional minor bug fixes


April 19, 2023
What's new
  • Adds support for PHP 8.2


Product questions

How to manage product attachments Magento?

Before you begin, you’ll need to log in to your Magento 2 admin panel, install and enable the File Downloads & Product Attachments solution.

Next, in the left pane, go to STORES, and then choose Manage Attachments under Configuration. From the product grid, you can access the list of available attachments and add new ones.

To add a new downloadable file, click the Add New Attachment button. You’ll need to fill in all the required fields following the instructions.

How do you attach downloadable files (PDF, Doc, Excel, …) to Magento 2 products?

After you log in to your Magento 2 admin panel, go to CATALOG and then choose Products. Select an item of your choice, and then click Edit on the right. You’ll need to navigate to the Product Attachments tab and either create a file from the previously uploaded documents or add a new attachment.

How do I set a downloadable attachment link on an order details page or product detail page?

The Magento 2 Product Attachment extension by Mageworx will help you achieve the goal and upload additional info in the form of manuals, audio files, images, media, etc. Thus, product files will become available for download on the product detail page.

What is the best way to attach a PDF and other rich media files to the products in Magento?

No doubt, there are a few ways to attach a PDF or other rich media files to products in Magento, but the quickest and easiest way is by using a third-party extension. Mageworx’s File Downloads is one of the best solutions to do the job.

General questions

How can I pay for Mageworx products?

The two most common payment methods are currently accepted―credit cards (all types) and PayPal. All the payment transactions are carried out in full compliance with the security and confidentiality requirements.

Will I get a formal invoice with all details including VAT number?

Yes, after the purchase you will receive the complete invoice with all necessary details, including our VAT number etc.

How to install our Magento 2 extensions?

We offer four independent ways of Magento 2 extension installation:

What Magento editions do Mageworx extensions support?

Mageworx extensions support Magento 2 Open Source (former Community), Commerce (former Enterprise) editions including Magento 2 Commerce Cloud platform.

Mageworx Repository: how to use it?

Our own repository has been primarily intended to facilitate and speed up the process of Mageworx extensions installation and update.

In order to work with the repository, you’ll need to have the Composer on the server first. This is the package manager of the PHP software that allows you to update & install scripts on your site.

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Can I use one Mageworx license on multiple websites and staging/test hosts?

According to the Mageworx License Agreement, you can use one copy of Mageworx software on one Magento production installation. Thus, separate Magento installations require purchasing separate licenses.

Please mind that the extensions are not domain related, i.e., if you run each website on one Magento installation, then one license can be used. However, if you've got several websites on different Magento installations, then you would need to purchase separate licenses for each of them.

Full Mageworx License Agreement >>>

Before going live, can I test a Mageworx extension on a staging site?

Yes, you can install and set up any Mageworx extension on a test environment before making changes on your production site.

Are Mageworx extensions compatible with third-party themes?

By default, all Mageworx Magento 2 extensions are tested on three most popular themes: Luma, Ultimo, and Porto. However, some of our extensions are compatible with more 3rd party themes.

You can get in touch with our support team at [email protected] to confirm compatibility with the theme that you are currently using.

Are Mageworx extensions mobile-friendly?

In the world where 45% of purchases are completed via mobile (according to Retail Dive), we find it crucial to test and optimize all Mageworx extensions for mobile friendliness.

For how long can I get extension updates?

Extension updates are available as long as your support & updates package is active.

Purchases made before February 1, 2022, reserve the right to access our Magento extensions updates free of charge for a lifetime.

How can I get tech support?

Currently, the Mageworx Magento support team can be reached via:

How can I migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2?

Database migration, migrating custom-built functionality and design, as well as migrating advanced SEO settings―these and other options are available within our one-stop migration service.

To get a quote, you’ll need to contact our Client Relations Manager.

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How can I get a refund?

We offer a 60-day money-back guarantee for Mageworx extensions that have been purchased via our site. Customer satisfaction and creating true value are our top priority!

Please note that this is except for those Magento 1 extensions that are intended to be upgraded to their Magento 2 versions within 30 days since the moment of M1 version purchase. In such a case, a refund will be applied solely to the Magento 2 extension version.

Please note that extensions purchased at Magento Marketplace are covered by the 25-day Marketplace Refund Policy.

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Does Mageworx have a discount program?

Reward points, bulk & upgrade discounts―at Mageworx, we do our best to show appreciation to our new and existing customers. Joining the program is fast and easy. To start saving with us, you need to create an account.

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By helping Mageworx promote our extensions, you can earn up to 50% on every order. To join the affiliate program, you need to create an account on our website.
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