Order management Magento 2 extensions have been designed to help you handle inevitable online customer hiccups at a fraction of the time and cost.

With the growing number of shoppers expecting same-day delivery, the speed that Magento stores process and manage orders influences how satisfied customers remain with a business. In this category, you can find Magento order management solutions that assist store admins in editing order details without having to cancel a Magento 2 order. These solutions save time, make the admins’ workspace better organized by adding an extended orders grid, let you delete orders, create custom order numbers, etc.

What are the best Magento 2 order management extensions?

The ability to conveniently edit, modify and preview any order data is critical for easy Magento store management. Whether there is a need to effortlessly correct typographical errors a customer could accidentally make or your business requires extra actions, a Magento order management system can help you make such actions more intuitive and flexible.

Default Magento offers some basic possibilities to manage orders. However, they may not be enough to compliment your eCommerce business’s unique needs. That’s where going for such software may help address the new challenges with ease.

The functionality these modules offer goes far beyond Magento order status management as, besides the most common editing features, they boast online reauthorization features, staff access limits, webhooks, edit logs, and more.

Order Management is an all-in-one plugin for order management in Magento that brings admin management capabilities to a whole new level. It enables you to edit such details as shipping information and shipping details, billing information, orders data, order status, shipping method, and more. With 28 extra columns and 20 extra mass actions, your store admins will enjoy modifying orders in bulk and a complete picture of sales order details.

Order Editor is another Magento order management software that allows you to assign the customers to groups when editing orders and preview the Grand Total after the changes take place.

Extended Orders Grid allows you to expand the order management system Magento. With the add-on, you can delete unimportant orders, manually synchronize their extra info, add new columns to the sales grid, etc.

If you are willing to Magento purchase order management solution that allows customizing order numbering, consider the Custom Order Number extension. The module allows modifying invoice, shipment, etc., numbers by creating templates for different entities.

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