Delivery Date extension for Magento 2 v1.0.0

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    • Cultivate customer trust with timely delivery
      Let shoppers choose the most suitable day for order delivery.

    • Avoid overloading your business with order shipments
      Limit the number of orders to be shipped per day

    • Specify delivery options for certain customer groups
      Show/hide the delivery date feature to/from specific segments

    • Ensure best customer service with delivery messages
      Let customers leave comments at the checkout

    • Conveniently offer the same day delivery option
      Specify time when the delivery option becomes unavailable

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What is the product for?

Use timely and convenient delivery options as means to build customer loyalty to your brand. Create special delivery possibilities for various segments of your customer base. Listen to your shoppers’ requests to perform a first-class customer service, and win even more returning customers.

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The Issues to Solve

How the Extension Helps

Choosing a preferable delivery date

It’s critical to give confidence to the customers with timely order delivery. This improves customer satisfaction and builds brand trust and loyalty.

Let customers select the delivery date

Offer your shoppers a drop-down menu with shipping methods separated by Carrier.

The following formats are available:

  • mm/dd/yyyy (01/20/2018),
  • dd/mm/yyyy;
  • d/m/yy;
  • m/d/yy;
  • m.d.yy;
  • mm.dd.yyyy, and more.

Choosing customer groups for delivery option

If you are selling goods at different locations, you might want this functionality to be un/available to specific customer groups.

Show delivery feature to specific customers

Multi-select customer groups the delivery date feature will be shown to. By default, all the customer groups in your Magento 2 store are chosen.

Conveniently plan the delivery process

Do you need less than 24 hours to process an order? Does it take more than 2 days to do that?

Planning order delivery based on the time you need to process an order is critical.

Specify # of days for order processing

With the extension, you’ll be able to define how much time it’s required to process an order and display the next available delivery date correspondingly.

Moreover, you get to specify when the same day delivery option becomes unavailable, as well as limit the number of orders per day.

Tuning in to customers’ delivery requests

Increase customer satisfaction by listening to your shoppers and deliver orders conveniently.

Let customers comment on the orders

Enable/disable the comment field for a customer at the checkout.

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