At the Mageworx Magento plugin store, you will find various paid and free Magento 2 extensions for Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source.

Compliance with the latest Magento standards and best practices, a high level of quality assurance, native user experience, and impeccable customer support are what we ensure for every Magento plugin in our product family. Besides ongoing quality and performance improvements, we test and update all solutions in our Magento extension store following new Magento 2 version releases to ensure their compatibility and smooth operation.

Why should you invest in Magento 2 extensions?

All our Magento 2.0 extensions and further are designed to assist store owners in achieving their business-specific goals and enhancing the shopping experience of their site visitors. We continuously communicate with our Magento 2 extension users and welcome your feedback with feature requests that we enthusiastically add to the modules’ codebase.

Our Magento extension marketplace allows you to purchase and download the extensions’ packages. Alternatively, installing the modules’ updates is always available from your customer account, just as your personal deals and rewards.

On this page, you can access a complete list of Mageworx modules. To find a Magento store extension for business-specific purposes, please navigate to a dedicated category:

Our highly responsive support team and instantly updated knowledgebase are always available to answer any of your extension-specific questions.

Otherwise, the 60-day money-back guarantee for any Magento 2.0 extension has been tailored to serve as a safety net for shoppers who feel doubtful about the functionality offered by our modules or their compatibility with other your plugins or a custom theme.

Our complete list of Shopware plugins is available here. For Shopify apps, please navigate here.