Magento 2 Order Management extension v3.2.3

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  • NEW Overviewing 28 extra essential Order Parameters
  • Advanced customizable Sales-Orders grid
  • NEW 20 extra Order mass-actions
  • Editing Magento 2 Oders (without canceling them)
  • NEW Modifying Order's Date / State / Status and general Customer's Information
  • Modifying / configuring products added to an order, order billing and shipping details, coupon codes
  • * Extended Order Comments functionality
  • NEW The ability to quickly synchronize additional Order Data
  • * Orders archiving
  • * - The features are currently in development.

СE 2.1.2+, 2.2.x; EE 2.1.2+, 2.2.x
  • Free
  • Free

Manage your Magento 2 orders like a Pro. With the extension, you can significantly extend the capabilities of the default Magento Sales-Orders grid, conveniently overview all order data in one place, easily manage all orders, as well as modify any order details.

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  • The extension support and updates are FREE for life.

Extended Customizable Sales / Orders Grid

NEW Get a complete picture on each Order in your Magento 2 store.

Upgrade the standard Sales-Orders grid with 28 extra columns that contain important Order details (used coupon codes, included/excluded taxes, processed refunds, detailed shipping and billing details, customers’ personal data, device an order was placed from and others).

  • Conveniently overview all Order data in one place,
  • Review a bunch of extra Order parameters, billing and shipping info, Customers’ personal details and more,
  • Customize the Sales-Orders grid to view only the order data you need,
  • Add/Hide columns, whenever needed,
  • Equip Orders with Product thumbnails
Advanced Magento 2 Sales Order Grid - Adding Extra Columns

Mass Order Actions / Deleting Orders

Order Management Extension for Magento 2 - Mass Order Actions.

NEW Streamline the process of order management with 20 extra Order mass-actions.

With the extension, you can massively perform such actions as completing Order, resending Order Email, shipping Orders, issuing Order Invoice and dozens more.

Also, with Order Management, you can completely delete unneeded Oders (this option is not available in Magento, where you can only mark them as ‘Cancelled’).

Edit Order Date / State / Status

The extension enables you to edit the main Order details.

You can modify the Order’s:

  • Date and Time (down to hours and minutes),
  • Status,
  • State.

The 1st feature may come useful if an order is made from a different time zone, and you need to adjust its date or time.

Modifying an order’s status and state may be necessary when you manually process orders or need to cancel or close them.

Order date / state / status in Magento 2

Edit Customer's Personal Details

Order Edit Extension for Magento 2 - Editing Customer Personal Details.

With the extension, it possible to modify the main customer’s info, such as:

  • First name,
  • Last name,
  • Email address,
  • Customer Group.

The functionality may come useful if a customer misspells his/her personal details when placing an order / creating a website profile, or when they are changed due to some circumstances.

Also, from here, it’s possible to add customers to different groups, thus grant/limit access to certain store benefits.

Edit Other Order Details

Increase your store efficiency with the improved order processing workflow. With Order Management extension you can:

  • Modify any Order without cancelling it (the default Magento doesn’t have such an option),
  • Add/Remove any Product added to the Order,
  • Re-configure Order items (for any type of products),
  • Edit Order details (prices, discounts, coupon codes, taxes, and more),
  • Equip Oders with Product thumbnails
Order Edit Extension for Magento 2 - Editing Order Details.

Editing Order Billing & Shipping Details

Order Edit Extension for Magento 2 - Editing Billing and Shipping

Edit billing & Shipping details right in the Admin Panel.

With the extension, you can massively perform such actions as completing an order, resending order email, shipping an order, issuing order invoice and dozens more.

  • Modify Customer's personal billing information,
  • Specify billing address information,
  • Add a Customer's phone number,
  • Define Customer’s personal shipping details,
  • Modify Customer’s contact info,
  • and more.

Preview Made Changes

Also, with the extension, you can preview the order’s Grand Total every time you make modifications to any order in your store.

Thus, you’ll be able to see the final result before changes take action and make additional order changes at any time if needed.

Order Edit Extension for Magento 2 - Preview.

Coming Soon

Magento 2 Order Management extension.

This is the list of features that will appear in the upcoming versions:

  • * The abilty to archive unwanted orders,
  • * Order color markers,
  • * Extended order comments functionality

* The abovementioned features are coming in the 1st and 2d quarters of 2018.

Comes with

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    and Improvements

  • FREE Support
    For Life

  • Risk-FREE
    30-day Money Back

Magento 2 Order Management extension

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very good

On March 13, 2018
- Josef Barcelona, Spain Spain Verified User
Good extesion which gives you options to manage your orders in easy way.


On January 27, 2018
- chill_1982 Amsterdam, Netherlands Netherlands Verified User
Great extension. Very good customer support, they are always hands on, fast in replying, professional and reliable.

working well, would like to see some additional features!

On December 2, 2017
- Zifeng csa, Hungary Hungary Verified User
Works well but would be nice to have a few more features:
1. ability to add additional order statuses (pending payment, picked/packed/shipped etc)
2. see invoice number + tracking number in grid view
3. have a "comment" field in grid view

Lovely software

On September 1, 2017
- Wikhid Aladi Kolkata, India India Verified User
The software was super easy to install & setup and it does exactly what it says it will do. And the best part is it can order products in order!!
Thank you Mageworx team for delivering not only a great order edit extension, but a QUALITY software that is much needed and works great!

Good job!

On August 24, 2017
- Janay Clifton, United States United States Verified User
I've installed your extension and been satisfied as it includes the functionality of several modules by Amasty. It allows not only for editing order products on the grid and its customization but highly improves order processing workflow. Thanks for your job, guys!

Holy cow!

On August 7, 2017
- Anderson London, United Kingdom United Kingdom Verified User
This mod saved me hours on managing my orders and cleaning my sales-orders feed. Love it. And the support is absolutely amazing!

Works perfectly.

On July 1, 2017
- Admin_Pitt Newton, United States United States Verified User
Love this app. Love the folks behind it.
We bought it to edit orders in our Magento 2 store and never regretted our decision. I'm writing this because I had a question about this software, and they got back to me right away and were really open to hearing my specific use case and helping me in adjusting this product for my personal needs.
5 starts for the product and 10 starts for brilliant support from Alex!

Working great!

On June 9, 2017
- ViaGW Morges, Switzerland Switzerland Verified User
I'm on Magento 2.1.5, it's working very well, after a fast installation, with a few configuration!
Many thanks for the developers of this module!
Customizable options, prices, adding and removing, everything works great!
(Don't be afraid if you see bugs on mageworxs demo)

Missing Key Function

On May 19, 2017
- Snash Auburn Hills, United States United States Verified User
I had a run-around with support trying to figure out what I thought would be a key part of this extension. This product works fine if the edits you make to the order don't increase the price, but if it does increase the price, there is no way to collect that difference in cost from the customer - leaving this extension completely useless in these cases.

Snah, we are working on this feature. A MASSIVE update of this extension is coming this fall. We apologize for keeping you waiting but hope that the new upcoming version will be totally worth it. ;)

Regards, Natalie

Great for small online stores

On April 1, 2017
- Walerij Yoshkar-ola, Russian Federation Russian Federation Verified User
Installed in on my new m2 store. So far it looks great. Remove a lot of order management headache for me
Хороший модуль! Так держать ребята! :)

Cool update ^_^

On December 20, 2016
- Nick Timons Mountain View, United States United States Verified User
Just updated to the latest version. Came here to say that you guys did a FANTASTIC job! Keep it up. Love the extension.
P.S. Can't wait what you add order comments, that was a really useful feature in m1 version.

Excellect extension !

On October 17, 2016
- Markus India India Verified User
Amazing product,works a treat once set up !

Good addon to manage orders in M2

On July 15, 2016
- Nazir Themani Israel Israel Verified User
Happy with the addon! This extension is essential for my store. I sell complicated products and there are a lot of changes made during the order processing. Hence, I have to modify many orders every day and this extension is proved to be very useful to me. Additionally, I’d like to mention the ability to delete orders completely - great feature!

Great app and quick support

On January 8, 2016
- Pit Sydney, Australia Australia Verified User
The title is self-explanatory. The app is simply the best to manage and edit orders in M2! Period.
PS Guys, please consider making a better user-reviews form. Just spent about 5 mins to find the place to leave a review.
Product Changelog
  • Legend:
  • New Feature
  • Bug Fix
  • Version: 3.2.3 (February 20, 2018)
  • Bug fixes
  • Version: 3.2.2 (February 9, 2018)
  • Fixes a problem with editing orders in the multi-store installation
  • Fixes a problem when the message “Sorry, no quotes are available for this order.” appeared during shipping method edit
  • Fixes the device detector for Magento 2.1.x
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Version: 3.2.1 (January 30, 2018)
  • Adds the ability to edit order information (Date, Status, State)
  • Adds the device detector functionality to see what device was used to place the orders
  • Fixes the compatibility issue with PHP 5.6
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Version: 3.1.0 (December 4, 2017)
  • Adds functionality to edit the customer details
  • Version: 3.0.0 (August 31, 2017)
  • Adds extended grid functionality
  • Adds mass-actions functionality
  • Bug fixes
  • Version: 2.3.1 (June 5, 2017)
  • Code refactoring and stability improvements
  • Bug fixes
  • Version: 2.2.1 (April 13, 2017)
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Version: 2.2.0 (January 21, 2017)
  • Adds the functionality to edit the shipping methods
  • Version: 2.1.0 (December 20, 2016)
  • Fully-optimized order editing process
  • The ability to edit details of any item added to an order
  • Re-configuring items (supports all types of products)
  • The ability to edit the discounts manually
  • Editing item prices
  • Edit the prices excluding/including the tax
  • The ability to edit the tax for the items
  • Bug fixes and multiple performance improvements
  • Version: 2.0.2 (August 26, 2016)
  • Fixes the issue with hidden items table while editing the orders on Magento 2.1
  • Version: 2.0.1 (July, 2016)
  • Bug fixes and functionality improvements
  • Compatibility with Magento 2.1
  • Version: 1.0 (January, 2016)
  • Initial release