Magento 2 Grouped Product

Grouped Product is one of the basic features in Magento 2. It provides you with a tool to unite a number of independent products and sell them as a group.

Grouped products are great for promotion of the main product in the cart and a number of additions to it. Under any Store View a customer is able to purchase both separate products from the group or the whole group of products at once.

For example, you can create a bundle deal for a smartphone, a portable charger for it and an addi-tional 1-year warranty. In this case, a shopper will be able to buy all the mentioned products at once. At the same time, the existence of such a product type doesn’t affect the possibility of pur-chasing this products individually.

Magento grouped product

Thus, you can motivate a customer to buy multiple products instead of a single, one and this won’t influence customers’ shopping experience.

In addition, grouped products can include configurable products. It lets the customer to configure a single or multiple products in the group, if needed. But you should always keep in mind a number of restrictions about grouped products in Magento 2:

1. Total price of a grouped product is always a sum of products included in the group. You can’t define it separately;
2. You are able to define the stock availability for the group of products, while the inventory has to be managed separately;
3. Despite being added to a single group, products are displayed individually in the shopping cart.

Now let’s create a grouped product

Enter the Admin Panel in your Magento 2 store and jump to «Products» category. Then, select the arrow near the «Add Product» button and choose the «Grouped Product» option to create a new one.

Magento 2 grouped product

On the next screen, enter key details for your grouped product. Take into consideration that you should have simple products before creating a grouped product from them. After specifying all the details hit the «Add Products to Group» button.

 grouped product Magento 2

Search for the certain products by entering their names and mark them to attach to the new grouped product. Hit the «Add Selected Products» button to complete the operation.

Add Magento 2.0 grouped product

Finally, you can define the default quantity of each product in the group. Press «Save» button to finish the creation of the grouped product. Everything is done! The grouped product has been cre-ated and now it can be purchased from the store.

Magento 2 grouped product creation

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