Store Locator, In-Store & Curbside Pickup for Magento 2

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Store Locator, In-Store & Curbside Pickup for Magento 2

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Main features

In-store pickup shipping method to offer at the checkout
“Find a Store” page to display available pickup locations
SEO-optimization to make the created pages rank higher
In-stores widget to display products availability easily
MSI, multi-address, and API support to have-it-all
Google Maps and MaxMind GeoIP for IP intelligence
Responsive design to improve customer experience
Import/export functionality for quick data update/export
Compatible with Hyva themes



Magento Compatibility

CE: 2.3.x, 2.4.x; EE: 2.3.x, 2.4.x

Hyva-ready REST API


English, German, Dutch

Comes with

  • Lifetime access to the source code
  • 1 year of free updates and support
  • No subscriptions
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Key features

magento 2 click & collect

In-store & curbside pickup

Introduce buy-online pick up in-store as an additional flexible fulfillment option. Offer contactless delivery and curbside pickup for safe order receipt and delivery.
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magento 2 find a store

“Find a Store” page

Automatically generate new, separate, fully customizable, and responsive pages with adjustable pinned locations of your physical stores on Google Maps.
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magento 2 in-store pickup

Products availability

Use the In-Stores Widget to display products availability and their quantity conveniently. Sort physical stores by distance to show the most relevant locations.
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magento 2 api

API support & import/export

Flawlessly manage stores-related data using Magento 2 API. Quickly update and manage such data via a CSV file.
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magento 2 google maps

Google Maps

Bring shoppers to your offline stores―display all store locations on the map with/without store lists, nearest stores, offer directions, filtering, measure the distance.
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magento 2 stores seo

SEO optimization

Make your bricks and clicks strategy an SEO strategy! Meta robots, breadcrumbs, canonical tags, automatic 301 redirects, SEO-friendly URL, etc. are offered for location pages.
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Extensible. Customizable. Developer-friendly

Composer installation for easier extensions installation and management

No overwriting the core classes unless unachievable within a functionality

Unencrypted code for hassle-free editing if required by your clients

Extensions' code implementation following Magento's recommended best practices

All features

In-store pickup shipping method

Make your physical shops a valuable asset! Introduce in-store pickup functionality as an additional flexible fulfillment option. With Magento 2 Store Locator, you’ll be able to:

Add the new in-store pickup shipping method
Manage the in-store pickup method as one of Magento 2 standard methods: change its title, set price, select applicable countries to make this method available for, etc.
Choose from five beautiful designs for the stores popup
Display physical Magento stores on the map on a separate detailed page
Let the customers choose a shop for orders pickup
Display the customers' current location (by default)
Choose stores when creating orders from the back-end

No-contact delivery/curbside pickup

Offer your shoppers a new free safe way to receive orders. The Magento 2 Store Locator extension enables you to:

Add the “No-contact” delivery toggle to the checkout
Add the “No-contact” delivery label to your product pages
Assign no-contact delivery to specific shipping/payment methods
Add descriptions to display on product and checkout pages
Translate any text to any language

“Find a Store” page

The Magento Store Locator extension allows you to generate a separate page in different layouts with pinned multiple locations of an unlimited number of physical shops on Google Maps and add a customizable popup with stores detailed info.

The Magento 2 Store Locator extension allows you to:

Create a fully customizable “Find a store” page
Add/hide the website header link to the “Find a store” page
Change a website header link title
Enable the customers to filter stores by country, region, or city if applicable
Autodetect and display the customers' current location (by default)
Add the “All stores” block to any CMS page
Choose one of five page layout options
Benefit from the advanced search stores functionality
Displaying stores within a certain radius around the customer's location
Provide directions for your customers to any physical shop of yours from their current locations
Offer mobile-friendly designs

SEO-friendly pages

The extension Magento 2 allows improving local SEO by adding separate SEO-friendly pages with a beautiful responsive design for each store.

Store Locator Magento 2 enables you to:

Store's page:

Generate SEO-friendly URL to the store’s pages
Add the country, region, and city of your stores to the store’s URL path
Add the store address, name, and code of your multiple stores to the store’s URL key
Automatically create 301 redirects if the store URL changes
Add breadcrumbs to the Magento 2 store pages
Show store’s details in a beautiful layout
Display available products on the outlet’s page
Configure the layout of the products block flexibly
Set up meta robots
Add a canonical tag to avoid the duplicated content problem
Add the store’s pages to the Mageworx XML sitemap
Benefit from a responsive layout

Lists of store pages:

Add a list of all stores grouped by countries, regions/states, cities
Configure meta tags for these pages
Create user-friendly lists of your stores
Add canonical tags to avoid the duplicated content problem

Stores management

Magento 2 Store Locator offers advanced configuration possibilities. With the add-on, you’ll be able to:

Add an unlimited number of physical stores to your Magento 2 store and manage them from the back-end
Display the shops on a single page
Create store view-specific physical store visibility
Upload images of the brick-and-mortar stores to improve their visibility
Present your physical store’s address on the map
Disable pickup for specific locations and inform site visitors that the option is currently unavailable
Edit the exact store location by changing the pin position on the interactive map
Provide all critical stores detailed info, such as phone number, zip codes, website email, or social media links
Specify the stores’ working hours for any day of the week, days-off, break/lunch time, and the open 24/7 option
Display the open/closed store status dynamically
Add all or specific products available in your stores
Add filterable store attributes (ATM, parking etc)

Product availability

Enjoy the ease and convenience of product management―from making all/specific products available for pickup to customizing block markers and items unavailability messages.

As a Magento 2 store owner, you’ll be able to:

Assign all/specific products to your physical stores
Choose from two means of product selection: manually or dynamically (using flexible conditions)
Manage available products via Magento 2 API
Display the “Availability in stores” widget on product pages
Show the number and titles of stores where the product is available
Customize the block marker to meet your store design
Select form five design templates
Display a custom message if a product is not available for in-store pickup
Display stock status and the available product quantity for every shop

Orders flow

The Magento Store Locator extension provides for easy orders management and enables you to:

Overview a selected shop for orders placed for in-store pickup
Automatically send order confirmation to the selected store's email address
Send email notifications to the customers when the orders are ready for pickup
Include page/website info (name and description) into the search engine results
Choose separate email templates for the email notifications

Customer experience

The click-and-collect functionality brings your customers the convenience to choose what they want, when they want it, and how they want to get it.

Is Magento 2 Store Locator extension free to use? No. But it empowers you to build more expediency, increase customer engagement and enable the shopper to:

Overview physical stores with products available for order pickup
Choose to pick up orders in the nearest physical store
Navigate to the “Find your store page” from the header link
Filter the stores by country, region, or city if applicable
Get directions from the customers’ recent location to a selected physical store
Check out a store’s working hours, including break time, and plan a visit accordingly

Checkout flow

The Store Locator extension adds a user-friendly and fully mobile-friendly experience to the checkout process. Thus, the customers can find and select physical stores for pickup intuitively.

Using the Magento Store Pickup extension, you can:

Add the in-store pickup shipping method
Allow the customers to select one of the available stores during the checkout
Hide outlets where the added products are out of stock or unavailable
Display custom message and disable stores if the requested quantity of the added products is unavailable in certain stores
Select layout for the stores list on the checkout page
Allow/forbid selecting stores where the added items are out of stock
Display custom static blocks on the “Thank you” page
Display shop details on the “Thank you” page

Map customization

Magento 2 Store Locator enables you to adjust the display of locations on the maps. The functionality allows setting the default location manually or detecting it using MaxMind GeoIP. Other customization options for the map include the ability to:

Choose a default view of a map: default location / detected customer's location
Choose a default location using a map and Google address autocomplete functionality
Set a default zoom of the map with live preview
Offer the customers to choose a location for pickup
Select stores when creating orders from the back-end
Choose from five beautiful designs of stores popup
Display the default location if the customer’s location is not detected

Import/export functionality

Bring store management to a new level. You can easily import or export stores-related data via a CSV file:

Add new outlets via the import process
Quickly update your existing stores using CSV files
Export existing shops and import them to another Magento 2 store
Backup the added data

API support

The Magento 2 Locator extension provides the support of Magento 2 API functionality. Using the API, you can:

Get locations codes of all the stores on the website
Obtain shop information
Add a new store
Change any outlet data
Delete any store by location code
Add any product by SKU to a store
Delete any product by SKU from a shop
Get the list of available products in a store
Delete all old store products and add the new ones

MSI support

The Magento Store Pickup extension enables you to create the inventory sources for each of your physical stores and work with the product stock through Magento 2 MSI functionality.

With Magento Store Locator, you’ll be able to:

Create inventory sources for physical stores
Assign existing inventory sources to physical outlets
Specify the available stock for each product in every shop or warehouse
Display product stock status for every shop right on the product page

Multi-address support

Magento 2 Store Locator supports Magento 2 native multi-address checkout flow.

Based on our eCommerce business expertise, it’s vital to offer your customers the possibility to choose different pickup locations for different products in the orders.

More features

Fully integrated into the Checkout module for Magento 2
Ideal compatibility with Delivery Date and Time
Ideal compatibility with the Magento 2 Shipping Module
Rapid import of store location data
Enhanced geolocation settings

Doubtful? See this article with the list of top Magento extensions to integrate store locator functionality and make the best choice.

Hyvä Themes compatibility

The extension adds compatibility with the Hyvä Theme. See our user guide for more details.

Need a custom feature?

Let us know if you're missing a feature or two — we can't promise that we'll incorporate them in our future releases, but we'll be more than happy to develop them for you at an additional cost. Request now

Product changelog


February 22, 2024
What's new
  • Adds compatibility with Mageworx Order Editor module
Bug fix
  • Updates email templates according to Magento requirements
  • Moves "Find a Store Link" html code from a block class to a template
  • Additional minor bug fixes


January 18, 2024
Bug fix
  • Deferring script until map loading to improve first render speed on Hyva theme


December 14, 2023
Bug fix
  • Improves compatibility with Google Maps API


Product questions

What are the benefits of Store Locator for Magento 2?

The shoppers who dislike time constraints have always opted for the click-and-collect option.

As the pandemic continues to evolve, the curbside pickup comes as a safe alternative to having to visit a physical shop to collect an order.

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What is the best Magento extension for the store location?

Many solutions are built to enhance the front-end user experience, allow for searching the nearest stores, and get directions to them on the map.

With over 10 years of experience in Magento 2 solutions development, we build software that adds true extra value, free lifetime support, and 60-day money-back guarantee.

See the detailed comparison of several store locator extensions from top third-party vendors:

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How do I integrate a Google store locator in Magento?

If you’ve ever wondered, ”How do I add a store locator in a Magento store?” then you are at the right place.

Our extension for Magento 2 allows adding such functionality easily. Your shoppers will be able to find the nearest physical stores and warehouses on an interactive map powered by Google.

How do I benefit from location pages?

Location pages are one of the means to strengthen the local SEO.

Powered by built-in SEO optimization functionality, such pages help get more relevant traffic and bring extra foot traffic to your specific physical locations.

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I was recommended to use Magento Store Locator for my store because of its advanced features. What is some advice to best exploit it?

Store Locator, Curbside & In-Store Pickup is a great means to promote a physical store. The functionality allows including customer localization and showing different products sold in each store.

Thus, your shoppers get to locate specific brick-and-mortar stores of yours easily.

General questions

How can I pay for Mageworx products?

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Our own repository has been primarily intended to facilitate and speed up the process of Mageworx extensions installation and update.

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