Magento 2 Grouped Product

A grouped product is essentially a collection of simple products that are presented as a group. Shoppers can purchase each product separately, or as a part of the group.

Magento 2 grouped product

Grouped products work great when you want to promote products. So, you can combine items that perfectly complement each other: a summer outfit (like sunglasses and hats), decor stuff, furniture set, etc.

In this case, you provide customers with a better shopping experience and can easily motivate them to buy multiple products at once.

When creating grouped products in Magento 2, keep in mind the following:

1. The total price of a grouped product is always the sum of simple products included into the group;
2. You can set the stock availability for the group of products, while the inventory has to be managed separately;
3. Despite being added to a single group, products are displayed individually in the shopping cart.

How to Create a Group Product

In the Admin Panel go to Products - Catalog, hit the 'Add Product' button and choose a 'Grouped Product'type.

Magento 2 grouped product

Then, set general information for your grouped product. Mind that you should create simple products before creating a grouped product. When specifying all the details, hit the 'Add Products to Group' button and add the necessary products.

 grouped product Magento 2

Magento 2 grouped products

When done, specify all the rest information the same way you did it for the simple products.

If you want to manage product types and attributes easily, you may look at such paid extensions such as Magento 2 Product Options Suite

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posted on Jul 28, 2017
> Despite being added to a single group, products are displayed individually in the shopping cart.

How to avoid this behavior and have 1 product instead group items?


posted on Aug 1, 2017
I guess in such a case you may use bundle product. "Grouped product" is a "trick" that allows to display similar products on the same catalog page.

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