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Magento 2 Admin Tools

Magento 2 Admin Tools

Magento 2 has received a new extensive set of admin tools. The updated Admin toolkit lets online merchants conveniently manage a wide scope of store management activities and streamline all important eCommerce operations.

Let's have a closer look at that.

User Interface

When you log in as an Admin, the first thing that catches the eyes is a slick and well-designed new User Interface. The new design is responsive and touch-friendly.

This represents a significant improvement upon the previous version of the panel that looked, frankly speaking, quite out-of-date.

The new Magento 2 Admin Panel not only is appealing to the eye, it’s also incorporated a bunch of other improvements, with the focus on user-friendly layout and intuitive navigation.

The main menu categories lead to the subcategories that are organized based on its subject of relativity.

This is your store Control Center, where you can customize practically any area of your Magento 2 store, including:

  1. Advanced filters,
  2. Extended search options,
  3. Customizable views,
  4. Configurable workspaces,
  5. Simple drag-and-drop working area customization options .

Check out this Admin Panel for Magento 2 article to learn more details on it.


Magento 2 has also been improved in terms of personalization. The new version of the platform lets store owners simplify the process of managing large catalogs and multiple merchandisers.

The new ‘Drag & Drop’ grid columns improve the product catalogs merchandising process, while customizable views let store owners create and save two product management grids and toggle between them whenever necessary.

Also, Magento 2 is equipped with the better Image Upload options, and advanced Shopping Cart personification tools.

Product Management

With Magento 2, adding a new product has become a lot easier. Now, all the fields that are required for creating a product are located right on the 1st screen.

Also, at the moment of setting a new product to “Enabled”, “In Stock”, there’s no more need to make its quantity bigger than 0, or jump back and forth when a product isn’t showing up on the front-end.

Additionally, the new version of the platform has better Stock / Inventory Management capabilities and more flexible Permissions tools.

All that makes the product management process a breeze. 

New Admin Tools

In addition to the tools that were in the 1st version of the eCommerce platform, the 2d edition has been equipped with a number of extra options.

The new Admin Tools are:

  1. Frontend Apps,
  2. Google Content Manager,
  3. Terms of Conditions.

Frontend Apps — basically it is a revamp of the Widgets functionality. It includes the functionality for Recently Viewed Products and New Products blocks, which previously required third party solutions.

Google Content mapping streamlines the process of displaying your products in Google search results. It allows you to optimize the way Google sees your store merchandize, crawls your site pages and indexes them.


Cache Management in Magento 2.x is a lot more robust, packed with the full page caching feature and supports a whole bunch of different cache types. The same can be said about Index Management functionality (although Re-indexer is not available right from the Admin panel and one has to run from ssh or using Cron).

Check out this Magento 2 Cache article to get more details on this functionality.

Summing up, with new UI libraries, big changes in coding and design, Magento 2 is also easier to understand for not tech-savvy users.

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