Our best SEO extensions for Magento will help you optimize the on-page SEO of your product and category pages according to new Google algorithms.

Built with the assistance of SEO professionals who keep a close eye on the ever-changing SEO world, we make it a priority to ensure all Mageworx SEO modules are instantly updated and stay abreast. Designed to automate numerous of your SEO routine processes (duplicate content tracking, broken links, metadata optimization, etc.), our Magento SEO extensions have it all to help your site achieve top rankings fast and efficiently.

What are the best Magento plugins for SEO optimization?

For eCommerce, SEO becomes even more challenging and competitive than ever. If you want to optimize the website effectively, build its architecture, create navigation, and cross-linking that work, then powerful Magento 2 tools are a must-have for your business.

In this section, you’ll find the best in the market SEO extensions for Magento 2 that will do all the routine SEO activities for you, save hours, and greatly improve the on-page SEO of your website.

SEO Suite Ultimate is an all-in-one solution considered the best SEO extension for Magento 2 on the market. The SEO toolkit is fitted with several SEO features necessary for effective on-page optimization: from solving duplicate content issues and creating redirects to advanced indexing settings, rich snippets, SEO reports, and hreflang tag support.

The Short Category & Product URLs module is one of the Magento SEO extensions on our list that does simple yet critical functionality―it allows you to decrease link length by removing parent categories from sub-category and product URLs. It helps improve indexation and crawling of product and products categories pages.

Fully compatible with the SEO module, Landing Pages allows you to create SEO-optimized pages for various marketing campaigns. Distinctly, the module enables you to generate custom landing pages in bulk and launch numerous targeted campaigns quickly.

Layered navigation is another fully compatible with the SEO Suite Ultimate extension that helps improve site navigation and user experience by letting customers select multiple attributes conveniently.

Extended Rich Snippets will help you achieve better CTR, drive more qualified traffic and stand out from the competition by providing more detailed information to Google searchers (star ratings, prices, number of reviews, etc.).

Sitemap Suite creates a perfect combo for search engine indexation and user navigation for Magento 2 stores. While HTML sitemaps are not provided by the default Magento 2 functionality, you can easily add it (and XML sitemap too) with the help of this plugin.

Cross Links helps distribute internal links more effectively and automatically place external ones to relevant sites.

SEO Templates is one of the extensions for Magento that allows creating any number of meta titles and descriptions fast and effectively.

User-generated content (UGC) plays a critical role in the search engine optimization of any online store. That’s where our Advanced Reviews & Reminders extension comes into play. It allows you to enhance testimonials display and automate the process of UGC collection with the help of popup and email review reminders.

Not searching for SEO extensions? Take a look at the following categories and Magento solutions that they offer:

  • Shipping modules will help you launch a fully-fledged shipping and delivery strategy, add a shipping cost calculator to product pages, enable no-contact delivery, and integrate the buy-online-pickup-in-store model.
  • Extensions for enhanced checkout have been designed to empower how your site looks and what benefits it brings at the final stage of the sales funnel: from reward points and gift cards redemption to a one-page checkout experience with a delivery-oriented approach.
  • Product management plugins help make the most out of your product pages with the help of downloadable files and powerful product options.
  • Order management solutions make the job of your store admins a breath as now they can easily edit/delete orders, benefit from a variety of mass actions, and expand the native order numbering scheme.
  • Prices and currencies extensions help make your prices highly personalized and display currencies and stores to the relevant prospects.
  • Solutions for enhanced sales and marketing enable a variety of popular marketing shticks required to give your sales a boost, create urgency, scarcity, and trust.
  • Store administration solutions offer tools for flawless store management.
  • Magento 2 modules to increase motivation will help make your site visitors excited about potential purchases.
  • Search extensions help polish on-site search and navigation to perfection.
  • UX software for Magento is tailored to ensure a positive and intuitive user experience from interaction with your site and its content.
  • Free add-ons assist in adding more powers to your site without any monetary investment.
  • Magento PWA modules are solutions that support compatibility with Progressive Web Applications.
  • Premium Magento themes-ready extensions ensure their flawless operation on specific storefronts.

Otherwise, here is the complete list of Mageworx extensions you may want to check out.