Magento 2 SEO Extensions

Having hundreds or even thousands of product pages and categories makes on-page optimization a puzzle. It can become age-long to track all the duplicates, broken links, and optimize 100+ meta titles and descriptions manually. This is where a trustworthy Magento 2 SEO modules come in handy.

SEO Suite Ultimate

The first Magento 2 SEO solution. Eliminates duplicate content issues, improves website indexation and makes it search engine & user friendly.


Shop by Brand

Brands create desire, sense of belonging, status & prestige. Introduce flawless & intuitive shop by brands functionality to bridge the distance between the customers and their favorites


Landing Pages

Create SEO- and user-friendly landing pages. Deliver your marketing message via creating a page with eye-candy custom design, smartly arranged content and well-thought page layout.


Cross Linking

Create and manage Magento 2 cross links in a click. Easily link any keywords to the targeted store pages or external sources.


Layered Navigation

A set advanced features to make Magento 2 store navigation search engine and user friendly.


Extended Rich Snippets

Draw users attention and win the click with more detailed search engine results. Developed according to the latest Google and standards.


SEO Meta Templates

Advanced SEO attribute templates to easily optimize product and category page meta data, as well as the short and detailed descriptions.


Sitemap Suite

Magento 2 Sitemap Suite toolkit - all you need to create efficient HTML and XML Magento 2 sitemaps.


Short Category & Product URLs

Make product & category pages better indexed and crawled by the search engine spiders. Easily shorten URLs by removing parent categories. Make the critical site pages more trustworthy and authoritative.


For eCommerce, SEO becomes even more challenging and competitive than ever. If you want to effectively optimize the website, build its architecture, create navigation and cross-linking that work, then powerful Magento 2 SEO tools are a must-have for your business.

In this section, you’ll find the best in the market SEO plugin for Magento 2 that will do all the routine SEO job for you, save hours and greatly improve on-page SEO of the website.

Magento 2 SEO Suite is an all-in-one solution that has no analogs on the market right now. The extension is fitted with a set of features necessary for effective on-page optimization: from solving duplicate content issues and creating SEO redirects to advanced indexing settings, rich snippets, and hreflang tag support.

The Short Category & Product URLs extension does simple yet critical functionality ― it removes parent categories thus improving indexation and crawling of product & category pages.

Landing Pages extension is fully compatible with SEO Ultimate addon that allows generating custom SEO-optimized pages for various marketing campaigns (both in bulk or one at a time).

Layered navigation is another fully compatible with SEO Suite Ultimate extension that helps the customers conveniently select multiple attributes.

Extended Rich Snippets will help you achieve better CTR, drive more qualified traffic and stand out from the competition.

Sitemap Suite creates a perfect combo for search engine indexation and user navigation.

Cross Links helps more effectively distribute internal links and place external ones to relevant sites.

A commissioned by Google study has found that AMP leads to a 10% increase in website traffic with a 2x increase in time spent on page & 20% boost in sales conversions. The Accelerated Mobile Pages extension helps flawlessly introduce such functionality in Magento 2 to take m-commerce to the next level.

And last but not least, Meta Templates allows creating any number of meta titles and descriptions fast and effectively.