Magento 2 Bundle Product

A bundle product type in Magento 2 is similar to a grouped one, although it has a number of significant differences.

First of all, the customer can manually select products to include into a bundle. Second, the total price may vary depending on the quantity of products added to a bundle. For example, the grouped product can include a smartphone, a portable charger and a case. All purchased together, at the fixed price. Hence, the total is just a sum of each product’s prices and can’t be changed.

But when we are talking about a bundle product, a customer can decide which smartphone, charger an case to buy. These items will form a bundle product. Also, the price will be variable, depending on the price of each product separately added to the bundle.

To sum it up, a bundle product is a more advanced and customer-oriented version of a grouped product. Shoppers can add products to a bundle by themselves and this will form the total price. On top of that, only a customer can decide, which products can be included into a certain bundle. In other words, it’s a shopper, who makes up a bundle product.

How to create Bundle product in Magento 2

Now, let’s try to create a bundle product. Keep in mind, that you should have enough product options to suggest them as a bundle.

Magento 2 bundle product

In the Magento 2 admin panel jump to the «Products» tab and select the «Catalog» option. Then, click the arrow near the «Add Product» button and choose «Bundle Product».

bundle product Magento 2

Except for the standard options, for a bundle product you can choose a dynamic or fixed price. Dynamic price will summarize prices for each product, that customer can include into a bundle.

Magento 2 bundled product

As an alternative, you can set a fixed price for a bundle. Also, such options as SKU and weight can be dynamic or fixed, depending on what suits you better. In addition, you can decide to ship products from the bundle together or separately.

bundled product Magento 2

Then, hit the «Create New Option» button.

bundle product Magento

The «Options» tab allows you to add product options to the bundle. For example, customer is purchasing a smartphone and a portable charger. They can choose a smartphone to add to his bundle and then select a charger from the list, that you provided. This example requires you to add two options to a bundle product. Note, that you can create an unlimited number of options for each bundle product.

Magento bundle product creation

Don’t forget to hit the «Save» button, when you finish. Repeating this simple operation, you can create a lot of bundle products to provide your customers with freedom of choice.

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Comm Dot

posted on Feb 7, 2017
If you use dynamic price on configurable product , you cannot adding custom options. It is prohibited in Magento 2

You can add custom options on configurable product only if Dynamic price is disabled.

Muhammad Saeed Khan

posted on Jan 31, 2017
I want to add custom options in bundle product, but it looks like it is mandatory to add product to each option. What should I do? I need date inputs with product. Thanks

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