Mageworx finds it paramount to ensure our extensions are fully compatible with premium Magento themes and that such compatibility is offered out-of-the-box.

Hyvä Magento Themes provide a brand-new front-end and dev experience and boast high performance and fast browsing user experience. As Hyvä allows merchants to build their online stores faster and at a lower cost, it has already become the right choice for many who opt for Magento. In this category, you can quickly access Mageworx’s Hyvä-ready extensions optimized to run smoothly on these fully responsive Magento premium themes.

How does Hyvä differ?

Any online shop’s storefront is as strong as its Magento theme for eCommerce is. Hyvä Themes’ performance on desktop and mobile devices and its simplicity of usage and deployment has helped it gain the hearts of not only eCommerce store admins but Magento developers quickly. Besides, the Hyvä responsive Magento theme allows improving customer shopping experience drastically.

This category includes a continually updated list of Mageworx extensions that come with built-in Hyvä compatibility. Please note that all Hyvä licensees can freely access the required compatibility add-ons from the Hyvä module tracker available here.

Shipping Suite Ultimate allows you to take your Magento delivery under complete control. You’ll be able to create an unlimited number of shipping options, add rules and restrictions, and assign rates to specific products.

SEO Suite Ultimate is a feature-rich extension for Magento 2 that covers a number of SEO automation activities, including canonical URLs, advanced cross-links, custom SEO redirects, advanced SEO reports, XML and HTML sitemaps, and a lot more.

Advanced Product Options is a feature-rich extension that transforms product options management into an intuitive and have-it-all process. The module includes such features as custom options templates, advanced options pricing, dependencies, inventory management, option visibility, SKU policy, and more.

Multi Fees is a Magento 2 module that allows setting up any type of fees in your online store. Some examples of the additional charges that the extension assists in adding are product fees, shopping cart fees, handling fees, certification fees, and more.

Reward Points is a Magento 2 extension designed to help you implement a loyalty program on your Magento store. The module allows you to incentivize customer engagement and foster loyalty by rewarding shoppers with points for various actions, such as purchases, registration, newsletter subscription, and more.

File Downloads & Product Attachments for Magento enables you to attach downloadable files of any format to your product, category, or CMS pages and manage them flawlessly according to your business needs and requirements.

Gift Cards allows you to integrate a fully-featured mechanism of offering and accepting offline/online e-cards on your site. The extension lets you offer email, print-at-home, and send-by-post-office gift vouchers.

Estimated Delivery Date & Time allows you to show the customers when their orders are likely to be delivered right on product pages and even charge extra for specific time slots.

Shipping Calculator adds an eye-candy block to your product pages and allows your site visitors to calculate delivery costs and overview estimated delivery time right away.

Advanced Product Reviews & Reminders currently adds partial compatibility with Hyvä Themes for the extension’s advanced reviews functionality.

Store Locator, In-Store & Curbside Pickup is a have-it-all solution to add BOPIS functionality, display products availability, and create SEO-optimized location pages.

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