Magento 2 Bundle Product

A Bundle product is also known as a 'kit' in other eCommerce platforms. This is a composite product type that consists of a number of simple or virtual products.

Shoppers can add and configure products in a bundle according to their needs and build a 'product of their own'.

For example, a personal computer system, home decor set, yoga kit, xbox bundle, etc.

Bundle product in Magento 2

Bundle product in Magento 2

Bundle vs. Grouped Product Types

In Magento Bundle and Grouped product types are often confused. What is the difference between them and what type can better suit your marketing goals? Let's roll.

  • A Bundle product is sold as one product that can be customized to your requirements. Bundling allows customers to choose accessories to go with the main product or select various products to form one product.
  • A Grouped product is made of simple standalone products that can be customized in a limited way (eg, quantity) and can be bought separately (eg, a knife set with different sizes).

How to Create a Bundle Product

Given that a bundle product consists of a number of simple products, the first thing you need to do is to create them. When done, go to Products - Catalog, hit the 'Add Product' button and choose a 'Bundle Product' type.

bundle product Magento 2

The first and most essential feature that attracts attention is a dynamic and fixed product properties:

  • SKU if set as Fixed, the attribute behavious is the same as with other product types. If set as Dynamic, the SKU will be composed of the bundle's base and selected SKUs.
  • Price if set as Fixed, a bundle will have a base price with the taxes applied to it. You can also apply surcharges to bundle options that will infleunce the total price when selected. If set as Dynamic, the total price will be composed from the product options prices.
  • Weight if set as Fixed, you can set a weight value to the whole bundle. If set as Dynamic, the weight will be calculated from the selected bundle options.

Magento 2 bundled product

Also, for each product of this type you can specify shipping options. It's possible to either allow shipping bundle products together or separately. To add/edit/ delete products to the bundle, hit the Add Options - Add Products to Options buttons.

Magento 2 bundle product type

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Muhammad Saeed Khan

posted on Jan 31, 2017
I want to add custom options in bundle product, but it looks like it is mandatory to add product to each option. What should I do? I need date inputs with product. Thanks

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