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Magento Product Page Design Principles to Help You Sell More

This is a guest article by Jan Guardian, Chief Business Development Officer at Staylime. A thoughtfully designed product page...

15 Best Magento Extensions for 2021

The value of the “best” as an adverb used in article titles has recently slumped. Many include it as a marketing shtick...

7 Tips for Omnichannel Marketing Implementation

This is a guest article by Katrina V. Dayrit from Omnisend.  Omnichannel eCommerce is the gold standard for running...

10 Best Magento Hosting Providers for 2021

This is a guest article by AbdurRahman Lakhani, Magento Community Manager. Looking to start an eCommerce business with optimized...

Mageworx Updates Roundup for February

February was big for Mageworx. Last month, we joined the Adobe Innovate Exchange Partner Program. We sincerely hope that...

Mageworx Becomes Adobe Innovate Exchange Partner

The Mageworx team is pleased to announce that we’ve officially joined the Adobe Innovate Exchange Partner program―all done to bring even more...

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