Advanced Product Reviews & Reminders for Magento 2

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Advanced Product Reviews & Reminders for Magento 2

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Main features

Magento review extension to add instant social proof
Star rating, pros and cons, reviews summary, “Verified”
Product reviews filtering to display relevant feedback
Extended images upload for sharing product visuals
Custom & predefined popup reminder design templates
Reminder popups/emails to automate reviews collection
Triggers and rules to time review reminder notifications
Subscribers management to ensure the top experience
ChatGPT integration to generate product reviews summaries with AI
AI-Powered response generation



Magento Compatibility

CE 2.3.7 - 2.4.x; EE 2.3.7 - 2.4.x

Hyva-ready AI-powered

Comes with

  • Lifetime access to the source code
  • 1 year of free updates and support
  • No subscriptions
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Key features

advanced product ratings and reviews

Advanced product ratings & reviews

Enrich your product pages with Magento 2 reviews that increase conversion rate: display review star summary rating, add “Verified” and “I recommend” badges, pros and cons, and more.
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popup and email Magento 2 review reminders

Popup & email Magento 2 review reminders

Encourage customers to share their product reviews and ratings with the help of popup and Magento email review notifications. Include discount coupons or reward points to increase motivation.
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improved magento 2 seo

Magento 2 testimonial extension for improved SEO

User-generated content is a vital part of any SEO strategy. Star ratings in search results (you’ll need SEO Suite Ultimate) help with Magento 2 product rating research and attracting more qualified customers.
magento 2 customer experience

Customer experience

Use Magento reviews extension to satisfy the customers’ desire to share their experience and help others make a better purchase decision in your Adobe Commerce store. Let buyers upload images, recommend goods, and more.
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magento 2 reviews management

Magento 2 reviews management

Easily manage Magento 2 product reviews and reminders and how your customers interact with them. Respond to customer testimonials as a merchant.
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marketing & sales suite

Marketing & sales suite

Upgrade to Ultimate Sales & Magento Marketing Suite to access tools your marketing and sales team might need to run successful campaigns— reward points, popup/email product review Magento reminders, personalized deals, countdown timers.

Extensible. Customizable. Developer-friendly

Composer installation for easier extensions installation and management

No overwriting the core classes unless unachievable within a functionality

Unencrypted code for hassle-free editing if required by your clients

Extensions' code implementation following Magento's recommended best practices

All features

Advanced Magento 2 product reviews

Magento 2 product testimonials are a proven means to pave the way towards a brand’s trustworthiness and credibility. Magento product reviews increase customer engagement, help create user-generated content, improve SEO, and thus boost your sales. Equally important, testimonials help businesses learn from their mistakes and improve.

With the Magento 2 Review extension, you can enrich the out-of-the-box functionality with the following features:

“Verified customer” and “I recommend” badges
Ability for the customer to attach images to their product reviews Magento
“Helpful?” thumbs-up and thumbs-down
Displaying the number of votes a product rating summary is based on
Pros and cons blocks
Review testimonial Magento summary section with a star rating graph
Privacy/Terms & Conditions checkbox to request the customers’ consent if required
Custom message with a link to accompany the privacy checkbox
Reward points with custom text as a thank you for sharing feedback (Mageworx Reward Points should be installed)
Ability to limit the number of characters for extensive Magento 2 customer reviews and add the show more/show less option
Reviews filtering by country/with images/verified customers
Reviews sorting by date/rating with the possibility to specify the default sort direction (ascending/descending)
Ability to limit the number of reviews to be displayed on a page
Displaying a selection of product Magento reviews and ratings on any page with the help of a widget

Besides, the Reviews extension uses the free MaxMind GeoIP database, which lets you determine the reviewers’ locations automatically and display their flags/country names/states next to the testimonials.

Magento 2 product review reminder

Last we checked, personalization is the king, and shoppers love interacting with real people. But what if we say that the Magento 2 Review Reminder plugin lets you send automated but quite personalized notifications just when the timing is right and that such notifications resonate well with the shoppers.

The Magento Product Reviews & Reminders plugin offers the two most powerful marketing tools―popups and emails to communicate with your buyers.

The reminder extension enables you to:

Create an unlimited number of campaigns to send or display review reminders
Forward personalized reminders by mail that contain data about the purchased items
Display personalized popups when a customer is back on your site
Configure delays for each campaign separately
Send/display multiple reminders
Assign separate email templates to various email review Magento reminder campaigns
Add UTM parameters to links in the reminders to track customer engagement
Use the action logs section to monitor how your consumers interact with the reminders
Give your customers the possibility to easily opt-out from Magento product review email and popup notifications
Display popup reminders to specific customer groups/store views
Enable/disable popups on mobile devices

Popup design templates

While the default platform comes with the possibility to create templates for reminders emails, the feedback extension lets you add custom popups or choose from one of the built-in template options.

The Magento Product Review extension offers:

6 popup reminder design templates
Ability to easily customize templates content in HTML

Also, you can enable/disable image display on the front-end and specify the width size of image thumbnails for reviews to control how they look on the storefront.

Customer experience

Buyers leave ratings and reviews to share their experience with a brand, either positive or negative. Rewards, personalized discounts, and the desire to help a brand improve its products/services and guide others are what motivate customers to invest their time in sharing feedback.

With the Magento 2 Product Review extension, your site visitors will be guaranteed a positive user experience and the possibility to share extended testimonials. The Reminder plugin will enable them to:

Star rate a product
Specify product advantages and disadvantages
Quickly overview an average product rating
Use filters to find the most relevant feedback
React to other shoppers’ reviews
Recommend products
Add images when leaving a product review and rating
Opt-out from Magento review reminders
Receive bonuses for sharing their opinion

Reminder review management

Review Reminder ensures that the required review and ratings, reminders configurations are easily accessed and intuitive. The Magento 2 Reviews extension enables you to:

Approve/decline testimonials in bulk from the handy grid
Set a delay in days when reminder emails should be sent, and reminder popups should be displayed
Add UTM parameters to links within your reminder campaigns for KPI management
Manage subscriber lists
Use action logs to access data about customer interactions with your notifications quickly
Specify the default sorting/filtering order of Magento product reviews
Add admin replies to customer product reviews Magento

Hyvä Themes compatibility

The Magento testimonial extension adds compatibility with the Hyvä Theme. See our user guide for more details.

OpenAI ChatGPT Integration

Elevate your Magento 2 store with Mageworx Advanced Reviews module - now integrated with ChatGPT! This cutting-edge addition enables merchants to generate AI-driven summaries of product reviews, boosting customer interaction and offering rapid insights into product feedback, and also allows merchants to effortlessly generate AI-crafted responses to reviews. This powerful tool streamlines communication and ensures engaging, personalized replies to enhance customer experience.

Key features:

Seamless integration: ChatGPT is now fully integrated with the Mageworx Advanced Reviews module for Magento.
AI-powered summaries: Automatically generate concise summaries of product reviews, offering customers a quick overview of feedback.
AI-powered response generation: Enables merchants to generate AI-crafted replies to customer reviews, ensuring timely and personalized engagement.
Customizable prompts: Edit AI prompts in the backend to tailor the summary output to your store's specific needs.
Enhanced review parameters: Fully supports additional review details like author location, pros & cons, verified marks, and 'I recommend' labels.
Version flexibility: Choose between ChatGPT versions 3.5 and 4, depending on your preference.
Adjustable response temperature: Modify the AI's response 'temperature' to control the style and tone of summaries.
Flexible summary settings: Disable AI summaries for specific products and set a minimum number of reviews required to activate the AI summaries.
Easy edit & preview: Preview AI summaries in the backend and make necessary edits for accuracy and relevance.

The Mageworx Advanced Reviews extension with ChatGPT integration is a game-changer for Magento 2 store owners. It not only saves time by providing quick, AI-generated summaries of customer reviews but also enhances the shopping experience for your customers with insightful easy-to-digest feedback. Embrace the future of e-commerce with our cutting-edge technology designed to boost engagement and trust in your products.

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Product changelog


May 15, 2024
What's new
  • Adds support for GPT4o generation model


March 25, 2024
Bug fix
  • Improves compatibility with Hyva theme


February 9, 2024
Bug fix
  • Adds missing OpenAI dependency to meta package
  • Minor bug fixes


Product questions

What is the best extension to boost customer reviews in Magento?

The community offers a number of plugins to extend the default Magento 2 review functionality. Generally, the set of features they offer is similar. Your Magento product reviews will look more eye-candy and let your buyers share even more detailed information about your offerings.

Distinctly, some modules are also Magento 2 review reminder extensions. For example, the Product Reviews plugin by Mageworx helps automate the process of collecting testimonials with the help of popups and emails triggered by a specific condition.

Can my customers add images to Magento 2 product testimonials?

By default, Magento 2 does not provide a feature that allows customers to add images to product testimonials. Product Reviews & Reminders allows you to gain access to such functionality and offer customers to upload real-life images of your offerings.

To achieve that, under the STORES tab in Magento 2 admin panel, go to Configurations and then select Extended Review under MAGEWORX. You can allow or disallow buyers to upload images in the Review Settings section.

Here, you can also specify the size of the review image thumbnails and other related details.

What benefits do Magento 2 product testimonials bring?

Magento 2 product testimonials can bring several benefits to your online store. Here are a few:

  • Build trust: Product testimonials provide social proof and help build trust with potential customers. When shoppers see the positive feedback from other customers, it can increase their confidence in your products and brand.
  • Increase sales: Product testimonials can also help increase sales. When potential customers see the positive feedback from other shoppers, they are more likely to make a purchase. This can result in increased conversion rates and revenue for your business.
  • Improve SEO: Product testimonials can also improve your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. User-generated content, such as product testimonials, can help increase the amount of unique and relevant content on your site, which can improve your search engine rankings.
  • Gain insights: Product testimonials can provide valuable insights into your products and customer preferences. By analyzing the feedback, you can identify trends and improve your products or services.
  • Enhance customer experience By encouraging product testimonials, you are creating a platform for customers to share their experiences with your products. This feedback can help you identify areas where you can improve the customer experience and make necessary changes.
How do you incentivize shoppers to share feedback?

There are several ways to incentivize shoppers to share feedback. Here are some ideas:

  • Offer discounts or rewards: One of the most effective ways to incentivize shoppers to share feedback is by offering them discounts or rewards for their input. For example, you could offer a 10% discount on their next purchase or a coupon code for a free item.
  • Run a contest: Create a contest where shoppers who leave feedback are entered into a draw to win a prize. This could be a gift card, a product, or an experience.
  • Ask for feedback at the right time: It's essential to ask for feedback at the right time when shoppers are most likely to be receptive to providing it. For example, you could ask for feedback immediately after a purchase or after the customer has used the product for a certain amount of time.
  • Make it easy: Make it as easy as possible for shoppers to leave feedback. Provide clear instructions and a simple process for leaving feedback. Consider using a feedback form on your website or a third-party review platform.
  • Show the impact: Let shoppers know how their feedback will be used and the impact it will have on your business. This can encourage them to take the time to provide thoughtful feedback.

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How do you make your Magento 2 store a trusted brand?

Brand and product credibility is vital for any business. The shoppers expect companies they deal with to be honest, real, and trustworthy.

Customer feedback is the number one source of information for an overwhelming majority of shoppers. And Magento 2 Product Reviews are no exception.

Read full article >>>

How do I enable reviews in Magento 2?

If you wondering, “How can I get a product review in Magento 2?”, “Magento add review form to the product page - how to?”, the default platform allows you to achieve that in a couple of mouse clicks.

To enable testimonials on product pages, log in to the admin panel, and do as follows:

  1. In the left pane, on the STORES tab, under SETTINGS, click CONFIGURATION.
  2. Click the CATALOG arrow, and then select Catalog.
  3. Click the Product Reviews arrow, and then click the Enable arrow and choose Yes to enable reviews. Select No if you want to disable customer testimonials.
Is there any way to prevent spam reviews in Magento 2?

At some point, store admins start dealing with a common problem, which is spam reviews. The problem can be especially acute if any visitor has the right to share testimonials as a guest. One of the means to avoid that is to use CAPTCHA.

General questions

How can I pay for Mageworx products?

The two most common payment methods are currently accepted―credit cards (all types) and PayPal. All the payment transactions are carried out in full compliance with the security and confidentiality requirements.

Will I get a formal invoice with all details including VAT number?

Yes, after the purchase you will receive the complete invoice with all necessary details, including our VAT number etc.

How to install our Magento 2 extensions?

We offer four independent ways of Magento 2 extension installation:

What Magento editions do Mageworx extensions support?

Mageworx extensions support Magento 2 Open Source (former Community), Commerce (former Enterprise) editions including Magento 2 Commerce Cloud platform.

Mageworx Repository: how to use it?

Our own repository has been primarily intended to facilitate and speed up the process of Mageworx extensions installation and update.

In order to work with the repository, you’ll need to have the Composer on the server first. This is the package manager of the PHP software that allows you to update & install scripts on your site.

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Can I use one Mageworx license on multiple websites and staging/test hosts?

According to the Mageworx License Agreement, you can use one copy of Mageworx software on one Magento production installation. Thus, separate Magento installations require purchasing separate licenses.

Please mind that the extensions are not domain related, i.e., if you run each website on one Magento installation, then one license can be used. However, if you've got several websites on different Magento installations, then you would need to purchase separate licenses for each of them.

Full Mageworx License Agreement >>>

Before going live, can I test a Mageworx extension on a staging site?

Yes, you can install and set up any Mageworx extension on a test environment before making changes on your production site.

Are Mageworx extensions compatible with third-party themes?

By default, all Mageworx Magento 2 extensions are tested on three most popular themes: Luma, Ultimo, and Porto. However, some of our extensions are compatible with more 3rd party themes.

You can get in touch with our support team at [email protected] to confirm compatibility with the theme that you are currently using.

Are Mageworx extensions mobile-friendly?

In the world where 45% of purchases are completed via mobile (according to Retail Dive), we find it crucial to test and optimize all Mageworx extensions for mobile friendliness.

For how long can I get extension updates?

Extension updates are available as long as your support & updates package is active.

Purchases made before February 1, 2022, reserve the right to access our Magento extensions updates free of charge for a lifetime.

How can I get tech support?

Currently, the Mageworx Magento support team can be reached via:

How can I migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2?

Database migration, migrating custom-built functionality and design, as well as migrating advanced SEO settings―these and other options are available within our one-stop migration service.

To get a quote, you’ll need to contact our Client Relations Manager.

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How can I get a refund?

We offer a 60-day money-back guarantee for Mageworx extensions that have been purchased via our site. Customer satisfaction and creating true value are our top priority!

Please note that this is except for those Magento 1 extensions that are intended to be upgraded to their Magento 2 versions within 30 days since the moment of M1 version purchase. In such a case, a refund will be applied solely to the Magento 2 extension version.

Please note that extensions purchased at Magento Marketplace are covered by the 25-day Marketplace Refund Policy.

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Does Mageworx have a discount program?

Reward points, bulk & upgrade discounts―at Mageworx, we do our best to show appreciation to our new and existing customers. Joining the program is fast and easy. To start saving with us, you need to create an account.

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By helping Mageworx promote our extensions, you can earn up to 50% on every order. To join the affiliate program, you need to create an account on our website.
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