Shop Smart with MageWorx Loyalty program

Earn reward points, save on purchasing in bulk, get discounts on upgrading to Magento 2

We, at MageWorx, are always looking for new ways to show appreciation to our new and existing customers. That is why we have designed the Loyalty Program which has no analogues on the Magento market.

The main goal of the Program is to help you SAVE BIG on purchasing MageWorx Magento solutions.

Joining the Program

All you need to start saving with us is to create an account on

NOTE! You start getting bonuses immediately, from this very first step!

Everyone, who registers on our website and completes a profile, gets a sweet $10-present on their Customer Account.

  • Create Profile
  • Complete Profile
  • a B’day gift
  • Total

Done? Now you can enjoy all the benefits of our Loyalty Program

Bulk discounts

Want to order more than 2 products at once? We will automatically provide you with the special sweet discounts right at the checkout!

  • - % for 2 licenses
  • - % for 3-4 licenses
  • - % for 5 licenses

* Are you a Magento agency and would like to save more on buying our solutions for your customers? Check out MageWorx Partner Program.

Upgrade to Magento 2 discounts

If you already own MageWorx Magento 1 extensions, you can get the Magento 2 analogies with a considerable 25% discount. Just drop us a line at [email protected] to get a discout code.

How to get a 25% discount

  • Contact us to get a personal 25% discount,
  • log into your user account on our website
  • add any chosen Magento 2 extension to cart
  • and apply the coupon you receive from our support team.


To view your Credit Balance, log into your account on our website. The total amount of your credits is displayed at the top of the main navigation menu.

To be able to get a detailed overview of your credit balance, go to My Account - My Credit Balance or hit the Balance

Under these settings you can view the total amount of your internal store funds, the detailed report on how much you have spent and earned.

Also, here you can enter your recharge codes.

You can use your store funds to pay for purchasing any product on our website.

NOTE! You must be logged in to apply internal store funds at the checkout step.

If you don’t have internal store funds on your account, the “Internal Credit” method won’t be displayed during the checkout.

In case the amount on your Customer Account is not enough to pay the order in full, you’ll be prompted to select one of the other available payment methods to cover the difference.

And if you have enough to cover the order in full, you just select Internal Credit option as a payment method.

Yes. Internal store funds should be used within 100 days since the moment they were transferred to a Customer Account.

After 100 days, all internal funds get annulled.

Yes, now you can use the credits to partially cover the costs of Magento services.

  • - Minimal customization duration - 8 hours
  • - Cover up to 25% of customization cost with points
  • Individual conditions may apply for big projects.

Yes, the loyalty credits will be added for extension purchases only.