Shopping Cart in Magento 2

Shopping page is the main intermediate point that proceeds finalizing the purchase. Luckily, in Magento 2 it is designed to provide your customers with the complete shopping experience.

For example, each customer in your store can overview their own shopping cart. Also, a store admin has the ability to modify products when they have been placed as an order. Let’s check how it works.

On the front-end, customer add products to the shopping cart. These products can be purchased, removed or, sometimes, additionally configured. Everything is pretty easy from the customer’s point of view.

Magento 2 Shopping Cart

In the back-end, a store admin can modify products in the existing orders, when a shopping cart has been transformed into a complete order. Go to the ‘Sales’ tab and select the ‘Orders’ option. Now, you should find a certain order to modify it. Alternatively, you may know the customer who placed an order. Hence, you can navigate to the ‘Customers’ tab and click the ‘All Customers’ option. Then, you need to find a certain customer and edit their order.

Additionally, you can configure your shopping cart to follow up on the abandoned orders. This option allows to save products in a shopping cart when customer leaves your store. First, go to the ‘Stores’ section in the Admin Panel and select the ‘Configuration’ option. Next, expand the Customers tab and choose the ‘Persistent Shopping Cart’ option.

Shopping Cart for Magento 2

Then, select the ‘Enable Persistence’ option in order to enable or disable persistence. Also, you can set the ‘Persistence Lifetime’ in seconds. The ‘Enable Remember Me’ and ‘Remember Me Default Value’ options allow customers to avoid frequent logins by keeping their accounts active for the specified period.

Finally, you can enable or disable the ‘Persistent Shopping Cart’ option and activate the shopping cart clearance on sign out. Those options let you save shopping cart items for a certain period of time or empty it when customer signs out.

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