Permissions in Magento 2

In order to run your business more effectively, you may need to delegate some tasks to the other users of your Magento 2 store. However, there is no need to provide each user with a full list of store management permissions. Magento 2 allows you to fully or partially set permissions for certain users or user groups.

This is how to.

Let’s begin with adding new users to your Magento 2 store admin panel.

Log into it and go to the ‘System’ section, where you can find the ‘All Users’ option. From here, you can manage the existing users and create extra ones.

Magento 2 permissions

Hit the ‘Add New User’ button. Then, specify the provided fields: ‘Name’, ‘Email’ and ‘Password’. Additionally, you can define the locale for a new user and set the account as active or inactive.

permissions for Magento 1

Note that you need to fill in your own admin password in order to verify your identity. Next, hit the ‘Save User’ button.

Now, go to the ‘System’ section and select the ‘User Roles’ option. Click the ‘Add New Role’ button. When done, you can configure a new user role. Specify the role name and switch to the Role Resources tab. You can specify the Resource Access in the corresponding drop-down.

Magento 2 permissions management

By selecting the ‘All’ option, you provide the full access to users under this role. Alternatively, you can set this option as ‘Custom’ and select the available resources manually. When done, hit the ‘Save Role’ button.

Magento permissions

At the moment, you have a new user and a new role for it. Let’s combine them. Return to the ‘All Users’ menu, select a user and switch to the ‘User Role’ tab. From here you can assign a custom role to grant a certain number of permissions to the current user. Click the ‘Save User’ button to complete the operation.

To sum it up, you can add extra users to your Magento 2 store admin panel. What is more, you can grant them a limited access to your store management to keep the back-end secure while increasing the productivity of your store.


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