Magento Grouped Product

A Grouped Product is a combination of simple products. You can group any number of simple/virtual items and display the grouped product as one entry on the front-end. Customers can purchase all products from the group or each one separately.

For example, you want to offer “Shop the look” option. In this case you can create a grouped product for a bag, dress and shoes, thus offering a whole outfit (perhaps with a special price).

Note! You can hide the simple products from the grouped set, to make customers order items only through the grouped option.

Magento grouped product

Creating a Grouped Product

As a grouped product combines simple products, first you need to create and add them to the catalog. If you want simple products to be visible only through the grouped one, select Not Visible Individually in the General tab when editing/creating products.

When done with simple products, go to Catalog - Manage Products and create a new product under the grouped product type. Also, choose the attribute set, which is used as a template for product creation. 

Note! The Default attribute set includes a standard set of options that can be used for most products.

grouped product attribute

Step 1. Complete the main configuration settings as you would for a simple product, but with the following exceptions:

1. There’ s no weight option as it’s calculated from the weight of the grouped items.
2. A grouped product has no Price options because it originates with the price of the separate products. Customers can purchase individual or all the items in the grouped products and this will influence the price.

Magento grouped product

3. The Inventory is managed by the separate products collected to the grouped set. That’s why most of the quantity options are missing.


Magento groupedset


Step 2. When done configuring the basic options jump to the Associated Products tabs and select the simple products that will be included in the grouped set.

Magento grouped product

Note! If the default quantity for each associated product is set to 1 (for example), the customer doesn’t change the quantity and clicks on the Add to Cart button - all the products will be added to cart.


Step 3. To configure the Shopping Cart Thumbnail, go to System - Configuration - Sales - Checkout - Shopping Cart. You can choose either a Product or a Parent Thumbnail.

Magento grouped product configuring

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Find out about Magento 2 Grouped product.

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