Magento 2 Simple Product

Simple product in Magento 2 is the most common product of your store and the foundation for more complicated products suggestion in future. Configurable, grouped and bundle Magento 2 products consists of simple products with some additions.

So, it is significant to correctly implement simple products in your Magento 2 eCommerce store.

Choose the «Products» tab and select the «Catalog» option in the Magento 2 administrative panel. Then hit the arrow near the «Add Product» button and select «Simple Product».

Magento 2 simple product

After that, you should open the «Product Details» tab. There are Name, SKU, Price, Tax Class, Images, Quantity, Weight, Category and Description. It is pretty easy to fill in all the required fields. The more information you provide the more chances for success this simple product will have.

Magento 2 product

 simple product Magento 2

Then, jump to the «Image Management» tab. Here you are able to manage the existing images or upload additional pictures.

Magento 2 product management

The bundle of useful options is hidden under the «SEO» tab:

  • URL Key – the URL key for the product;
  • Meta Title – allows you to enter the title, that is used as a page title in your browser's tab/window title;
  • Meta Keywords – define the relevant keywords for the product;
  • Meta Description – a short and invisible for customers description of the page. It is used for some of the search engines.

Magento 2 simple products seo tab

All in all, this SEO tools should be useful.

In the final «Website» tab you should select the Magento 2s tores. Using this option, you can limit the availability of the product for certain websites.

Magento 2 product stores

The final stroke is to make sure that the new simple product is online. The appropriate switch in the upper-right corner should be turned on if the product is available for purchase.

Magento 2 available products

After creating the simple products you can jump to more complicated Magento 2 products:

if you are interested to manage product types and attributes easily you may look at paid extensions such as Magento 2 Product Options Suite

Advanced Product Options Suite

All-in-one, highly customization solution for managing Magento 2 advanced product options. Increase your store revenue and serve your customers in a better way.


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