Magento Simple Product

Simple product is typically physical item without any variations like a color or size that have a SKU and can be shipped anywhere. Magento simple product can be sold separately, or as a part of bundle or grouped products.

Customizing Simple Product

The very first thing you need to do to customize Magento simple product is to specify its attribute set and product type. The Default attribute set includes the standard set of options and can be used for any # of products.
Next, complete the required product information.

Magento 1

General section:

  • enter a product name & description to shown on the product detail page
  • specify a short description & assign a unique SKU
  • define the weight of a product to calculate shipping costs
  • set the status ‘Enabled’ and ‘Catalog, Search’ visibility.

Prices Section:

  • set the price that you will charge the product for
  • define a tax class for a proper tax classification of a product.

Inventory Section:

  • specify the available quantity of a product
  • set stock availability ‘In Stock’.

Note! If you don’t need to track the inventory, just enter ‘No’ in the Manage Stock field.

Magento inventory section

Categories/Websites Sections:

 In the Websites tab, select each Store View where the product is available for purchase.





Assign a product to the necessary categories to make it visible in the catalog.

On top of that, you need to add Images & populate Meta Data tabs. They are not required, just recommended to provide more information about the products.


 Also, you can create custom options for Magento simple product. This feature comes really helpful if your product various don’t rely on attributes (color, size). For example, you sell cups and want to charge extra for a cup print. In this case, you create a custom option.

  • Title - enter a name of the custom option
  • Input Type - specify on the 10 input types you want to use for data entry
  • Is Required - set ‘Yes’ if the option must be selected before the purchase
  • Sort Order - enter a number to specify the order of the item in the list of options
  • Price - set the price of a custom option
  • Price Type:
    - Fixed - the price of the custom option differs from the price of the base product.
    - Percentage - the price of the custom option differs from the price of the base product by a percentage (e.g. 10%).
  • SKU - identify the variation by specifying its SKU.

if you need to creates many different products with different attributes you may be interested in at paid 3d party modules such as Magento Product Options

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