Multi store

Magento 2 Multiple Stores

Magento 2 Multiple Store

Magento 2 multiple stores could be created with a single installation. This functionality comes useful when you have a number of different Store Views or multiple versions of your store for different locations.

The process of adding extra stores is quite easy. In this article, we walk through the most common scenario, when you have already set up the main store and want to add a new, localized one.

Let's begin.

Step 1. First, you need to log into the Admin panel to begin. Then, go to the Stores tab and select the All Stores options under the 'Settings' section.

When done, hit the Create Website button.

Magento multi store

Step 2. Enter a name of a new store and a unique code to identify it. Additionally, you can define the sorting order for your stores and set the current store as default. Click the 'Save Web Site' button to continue.

Magento2 multi store

Step 3. Next, choose the Create Store option. Here, you need to select your new website in the 'Web Site' field. Then, fill in a name and choose the Default Category in the Root Category drop-down menu. Click the Save Store button.

Magento 2 multiplestore

Step 4. Next, you need to create a Store View.

Hit the corresponding button. Select your store in the 'Store' menu, fill in the name and code that you entered earlier when creating a new website. On top of that, you can enable or disable this Store View and define its sorting order. Hit the 'Save Store View' button.

multi store for Magento 2

Step 5. Finally, navigate to the Stores tab and choose the Configuration option. On top of the page, you should see the Store View switcher that allows you to change stores when needed.

Magento 2 multi store

Now, you have two separate stores from a single Magento 2 installation. If you need to create an extra store, just repeat the steps described above.

In order to get automatic store switching, you’ll need to use 3rd party extensions. Check out this top-rated Magento 2 multistore extensions and let us know what you think of it.

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