Magento and WordPress Integration

Magento and WordPress are the leading solutions in their niches. Magento is the most popular eCommerce platform, while WordPress is a blogging and CMS favorite.

Magento enables you to sell products, manage orders, configure shipping and payment methods and effectively deal with store inventory. WordPress, in turn, is great for search engine optimization, allows you to better promote products, communicate with customers and provide your store visitors with extensive info on your merchandise (guides, reviews, case studies, tutorials, etc) and efficiently run eCommerce inbound marketing..

Hence, by combining the power of both platforms you can achieve truly impressive eCommerce results.

The complete integration of Magento and WordPress should include

  • a merge of themes,
  • content merging
  • and connecting linking structures.

This should result in a hybrid of an eCommerce store and blog where you can promote products and post materials on various topics.

Hence, by merging Magento and WordPress you should expect the following:

  • integrated theme and content
  • improved SEO for products
  • merged data, including static blocks and menus
  • smooth blog-to-cart functionality
  • united login information

Generally, there are plenty of native WordPress eCommerce modules and blogging extensions for Magento. However, none of these solutions can cover the whole range of needs as good as can be done with the help of platforms integration.

At the moment, the only working solution to integrate Magento and WordPress is the installation of 3rd party modules.

For example, here is the Magento WordPress Integration plugin that is available for free. With the help of this extension, you can quickly merge the two platforms to get all their features at your service.


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