How to Speed Up Magento 2

Sometimes you can notice that the performance of your Magento 2 store is getting worse. This may indicate the necessity of maintenance. In this article, you will find how.

Magento 2 Cache

First, let’s clear the cache. Go to the System section in the admin panel and select the Cache Management option. Next, you need to specify what types of the cache will be refreshed. You can see a description of each cache type that may help you to decide.

speed up Magento 2

Then, select the Enable option from the dropdown menu and click the Submit button. When done, select the activated types of cache and choose the Refresh option from the same dropdown, and hit the Submit button.

Now, you have refreshed the selected types of cache.

Second, you can Flush Magento Cache and Flush Cache Storage. The first option allows you to delete all the default cache items that have the Magento tag. The second one provides you with the ability to delete all the items from the cache whether they have a Magento tag or not.

speed up Magento

Also, you’ll find two buttons below the cache types table. The Flush Catalog Images Cache button deletes all the catalog images from media, catalog, product, and cache. The Flush JavaScript/CSS Cache button erases the JavaScript copy and CSS files from the cache.

JavaScript and CSS Optimization

Next, you can enable the optimization of JavaScript and CSS files. Go to the Stores section in the admin panel and select the Configuration option. Then, expand the Advanced tab and choose the Developer menu. Now, you need to open the JavaScript Settings section and enable the following options:

How to speed up Magento 2

  • Enable JavaScript Bundling
  • Merge JavaScript Files
  • Minify JavaScript Files

When done, switch to the CSS Settings section and enable the following options:

  • Merge CSS Files
  • Minify CSS Files

Following the instruction above, you can clear the cache and optimize JavaScript and CSS files for your Magento 2 installation. On top of that, you can find a 3rd party solution that automates cache clearing and optimizing process to speed up your store.