How to Make Magento 2 Mobile Friendly

Magento has always been a powerful platform for business advancement. With a variety of functions, apps and extensions it could be easily integrated into any online business.

However, Magento 1 fails to ensure mobile responsiveness, which is a priority for the prevailing amount of business owners and customers nowadays. Consequently, there emerged the need to upgrade the platform and improve its functionality. The release of Magento 2 has brought the marketing experience to the brand-new level, enabling thousands of entrepreneurs to optimize their businesses.

Mobile Responsiveness

Magento 2 was originally designed to be responsive irrespective of the device used. By default, its UI gets easily adjusted to any screens, while themes are applicable to any sizes and resolutions due to the “mobile first” approach. The essence of the approach implies that the development of new themes starts with making themes fit small screens. Additionally, these themes do not only offer the improved mobile responsiveness, but they also add a bunch of specific mobile features.

Being mobile-friendly, Magento 2 contributes to higher ranking of your website in the search engines, since Google now also evaluates the mobile site version first.


Magento 2 makes use of the advanced caching capabilities, which is a real Godsend for users. This option has previously been available only in the Enterprise Edition. From now on, it is offered to all Magento 2 users, irrespective of the level. Combined with Varnish full cache support, this feature makes it possible to ensure great eCommerce website performance even in those situations, when connectivity problems put the mobile browsing experience of users at risk.


The efficiency of creating a mobile version of any application or a mobile eCommerce website depends upon the way all services are interconnected. The easier this is done – the more efficient the web creation process will be. As far as Magento 2 practices the modular approach to the back- and frontend interface development, there is the need to simplify the connection between the internal and external service modules.

Due to the versatile Magento 2 APIs for functionality, services and features, it has become possible to address such issues right from the start to ensure the unsurpassed functioning of your eCommerce website.

Management Issues

When it comes to eCommerce website management, Magento 2 features come into play as well. Due to the new dashboard and enhanced checkout options, website owners have availed lots of mobile privileges.

The dashboard is much simplified in Magento 2, which is a benefit for the newbies, who lack programming skills and experience. It’s also possible to access it from any mobile device to be able to manage and control your online store on the go. What’s more, Magento 2 has speed up the mobile checkout procedure. This results in the growth of your customer base.

Online Marketing Options

Magento 2 has taken care of the needs of their users, having provided a range of online marketing options for the seamless shopping experience. The most outstanding features are enlisted below:

  • an opportunity to manually add the products due to the convenient mobile drag-and-drop feature;
  • an option allowing to dynamically represent mobile website content;
  • availability of price offers and special promotions for different groups of customers, depending upon their age, gender, shopping history, place of residence etc.;
  • personalized approach to each customer;
  • availability of visual merchandising option, which is a perfect choice for retailers, who manage their eCommerce websites;
  • enhanced organization of mobile product category pages, which contributes to the increased conversion rates;
  • implementation of the improved search options, allowing to simplify the product search and save customers’ time and effort (Elasticsearch is a vivid example of this feature);
  • customization of newsletters and emails, which adds to the boost of your eCommerce experience;
  • availability of the User Content block, which makes it possible to watch the reviews posted by the customers to attract more clients.

eCommerce has become an indispensable part of our everyday life, forcing the entrepreneurs change their online marketing approach. Due to the advanced features and eCommerce options provided by the recently released Magento 2 platform, it has become possible to enhance the web shopping experience of customers by providing them with unsurpassed eCommerce opportunities.

Magento 2 can be used even by people, who don’t have web design experience, even though, this may take more effort and time. So, if you have made up your mind to switch to Magento 2, you won’t regret the choice.


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