Magento 2 Auto-Generated Coupon Codes Creation

Coupon promo codes create an incentive to buy. With benefits both for merchants and customers, Magento 2 and its extended set of functionality allow to save an abundance of time by setting and formatting discount coupons automatically.

The platform lets merchants/administrators to:

  • create and configure Magento 2 coupon codes automatically,
  • set up coupon codes in bulk,
  • delete/export Magento 2 coupons.

Steps to Create Coupon Codes Automatically

Go to Marketing > Cart Price Rules:

Magento 2Cart Price Rules

You’ll see ‘Add New Rule’ on the right. It will lead you to: Magento 2 Add New Rule

Choose ‘Specific Coupon’, and you’ll be able to generate a multitude of unique coupon codes as soon as the rule is saved. Do not forget to check off the ‘Use Auto Generation’ box.

Magento 2Specific Coupon

How to set up and configure coupon codes?

After you log in the Admin Panel, go to Stores > Configuration > Customers > Promotions

Magento 2 coupons

That’s where you can generate specific coupon codes:

specific coupon codes Magento 2

  • Code Length. That’s where the Qty of symbols in the code is defined. Prefixes, suffixes and separators are not included in the total length.
  • Code Format. Here, you choose what format your coupon code will have. It may include either numbers or letters only, or both numbers and letters.
  • Code Prefix. If you want customers to see the value of a coupon code at its beginning, enter the numbers here. You can also leave it blank if you don’t want to display any value.
  • Code Suffix. Do you want to see the value of a coupon code at its end? Enter the required figures in this field or leave it blank if you don’t need these data.
  • Dash Every X Characters. If you feel like including a dash ‘-‘ in your coupon code, indicate an interval where to use it. Or leave the field blank if no separation is needed.

Congrats! You’ve completed all the necessary step to configure the look and feel of your coupon codes, and all on your own! I hope you haven’t forgotten to press ‘SAVE’ before navigating away.

How to create coupon codes?

Having gone through all the above-mentioned steps to configure the price rules, it’s high time to learn how to manage coupon codes.

Go to Marketing > Cart Price Rules. Then select the Cart Price Rules you’ve just successfully created. Choose Manage Coupon Codes:

Manage Coupon Codes Magento 2

No, you won’t find practically anything new here. Some of the settings are just the same as the ones we discussed earlier:

settings Magento 2 coupons

As soon as you fill in all the fields and specify the number of coupons you intend to generate:

Magento 2 number of coupons

Press the ‘Generate’ button, and you’ll get the list with as many codes as you’ve just specified.

Also, if you need to export these codes in a CSV file, just select the codes and click a corresponding button.

Now you are all set to offer coupon codes to your Magento store customers!

Follow these steps to check the usage of created coupons:

Go to Reports > Coupons

Reports > Coupons

That’s where you determine the time frames during which your coupons were used. After you check off the necessary fields, click ‘Show Report’ to find out the number of times your Magento 2 promo codes have been used.

Bottom Line

There are different types of values applied to coupon codes. Be it free shipping, discounts, free giveaways, etc., coupon codes usage incentives a purchase. Magento 2 comes in handy with the required functionality.

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