Magento Order Number

By default, in Magento the order number starts from 100000001. But if you need to:

  • mask the real order data from your customers and competitors,
  • reduce the increment_id tricks for multiple store views,
  • customize order numbers for inner purposes, etc.
you have two ways: 
1. Manually configure order numbers,
2. Use an extension that can do this job for you.
Here is how to change the order number manually.

To avoid confusion, Magento offers 2 different values of sales orders: entity_id & increment_id.

  • Entity_id (aka order_id) is used for internal purpose only. It is the sales_flat_order table primary key value, which connects all the eav tables together. Generally it starts from the value 1.
  • Increment_id (aka order_increment_id) is displayed to customers. This is the only id you need to use and change.

Note! In the increment_id the number of zeros is variable. So you can customize the order number length as you need.

Magento order number

How to modify the Increment_id?

Once an order is complete, jump to the sales_flat_order table, choose the necessary order and hit the edit link.

You can also change the prefix value of the future orders, invoices, shipments or credit memos in the eav_entity_store table.

*Increment_prefix defines which prefix will be added the order number (by default it’s 1).

Just select the necessary entity_type_id (5, 6, 7 or 8) and hit the edit button.

5 - Orders;
6 - Invoices;
7 - Credit Memos;
8 - Shipments.

order number Magento

Note! The entity_type_id number can vary in different database systems.

How to change the order starting number.

In the Insert tab change the increment_prefix value to the one you need. In our case, we have changed it from 1 to 17.

how to change order start number Magento

Magento change order start number

On the front-end it will look like this:

Magento order number

Magento Custom Order Number

Create a new Magento file, for example change.php and insert the following code there:

Replace $orderId = 237 with the real entity_id from your store that you need to change. When done, place this file into your Magento root folder, save it and open with [base_url]/change.php.

Please take a look at plugin that allows to manage orders easily

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posted on Nov 26, 2019
Thank you for this very useful tutorial. Bless you!

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