Magento Newsletter Functionality

Magento Newsletters Magento is one of the few ecommerce platforms that offers newsletter functionality (including subscription and management tools) by default. What’s more, newsletters provides you with the following:

1. all your registered customers get into your email database, not only newsletter subscribers. So you can plan an email marketing campaign more efficiently.

2. email database contains information about all store views. So you can send different versions of your newsletters to different Store Views subscribers.

A Newsletter Subscription


By default customers can subscribe to the newsletter in 3 ways:


1. During the account creation (the checkbox is unmarked by default).


2. Under My Account - Newsletter Subscription.







3. From the left column block on the front-end. By default guest subscription is enabled.


Note! If a logged in customer subscribes through this block with an email, that’s not associated with the account, the user will be listed as Guest in the backend.


A Newsletter Configuration

To configure newsletter system setting, in the Admin Panel jump to the System-Configuration - Customers - Newsletter.

Here is what each of the settings does:


Magento newsletter configuration

  • Success Email Template - automatically sends an email, when a customer signs up for newsletters.
  • Unsubscription Email Sender - shows the sender of the unsubscription email in the From field of the message.
  • Unsubscription Email Template - automatically sends an email, when a customer unsubscribes from newsletters.
  • Success Email Sender - shows the sender of the sign-up email in the From field of the message.
  • Confirmation Email Template - send to customers when they need to confirm newsletter subscription.
  • Need to Confirm - the confirmation is used only to guest visitors when they want to subscribe for newsletters. Logged in customers won’t receive a confirmation email.
  • Confirmation Email Sender - shows the sender of the confirmation email in the From field of the message.
  • Allow Guest Subscription - allows guest visitors to subscribe for newsletters.

A Newsletter Template

In the Admin Panel, go to Newsletter Templates and hit the Add New Template button.
You can create multiple newsletter templates with different styling and content to test which one works well for you.

Magento newsletter template creation

The options you need to configure:
  • Template Name - the name of the template, that is not visible to subscribers. Only for internal use.
  • Template Subject - the subject shown in the Subject field of the email. You can edit it when sending email.
  • Sender Name/Email - the name/email shown in the From field of the message.
  • Template Content - insert HTML or use WYSIWYG editor to create a plain text. Note! It’s better to create a table-based HTML with inline CSS because tables are still the best way to achieve consistent results across email clients.
  • Template Style - the field for inserting CSS.

A Newsletter Queue

To send a newsletter to the subscribers, go to Newsletter - Newsletter Template. Choose a Queue Newsletter for the template you want to use:


This action will open the ‘Edit Newsletter’ page (similar to the template creation page, but with 2 new fields).


  • Queue Date Start - allows you to select the date and time when the newsletter is sent. Note! The date/time are your server date/time.
  • Subscribers From - allows choosing which store view subscribers are going to receive this newsletter.

Newsletter Subscribers

To view the list of all customers who are subscribed to the newsletter, go to Newsletter - Newsletter Subscribers. Also, you can easily export the list of subscribers, if you want some other 3d party service to send your newsletters. Just select the necessary format (CSV/XML) and hit Export.

All above-mentioned information you can find an article about Magento 2 Email & Newsletter


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