GeoIP Detection in Magento 2

International business requires quality tools to deal with multinational customers. In case of eCommerce, you need to identify country of origin for each customer and order. It may be useful for several reasons:

- provide corresponding shipping methods for each location;
- improve logistics by limiting the availability of some products for certain regions;
- offer special prices and other preferences for customers depending on their geograph-ical position.

IMoreover, by controlling the origin of orders you can optimize your business processes.

GeoIP detection is used to define the geographical position of any visitor of your store. It transforms IP addresses into location info.

Magento 2 GeoIP

Magento 2 doesn’t equipped with this feature by default, so it can be added with the help of 3rd party extensions.

For example, you check out the Geo Lock extension for your Magento 2 store. It is available as the part of other extensions that utilize this functionality. You can try Store and Currency Auto Switcher with GeoIP toolkit. It switches stores and currency automati-cally, according to customers location. Alternatively, you can try Currency Switcher if you don’t need store switching functionality.

GeoIP detection is essential for such features as currency and store automatic switching. They improve usability of your store. When a customer comes to your store, store view and currency will be adopted according to their location.

To sum it up, GeoIP detection is quite an important addition to any Magento 2 store that operates on multiple markets.

Geo Lock FREE

Manage access to your Magento 2 store for specific locations by detecting customers' IPs.




posted on Feb 28, 2017
Fixed. Thank you

Bhoopendra Dwivedi

posted on Feb 23, 2018
Please send me the link to down load magento-geo-ip extension.

Bhoopendra Dwivedi

posted on Feb 23, 2018
I am unable to find currency switcher and store switcher.

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