Magento 2 Shipping Rules

By default, Magento 2 doesn’t allow you to implement flexible shipping rules. The only reliable solution is to purchase the extension with such functionality,

However, there’s a way we can bypass the restriction. That can be achieved by adding a shipping rule using the «Cart Price Rules» feature. As an example lets prepare a free shipping rule for Magento 2.

You will need to enable the «Free Shipping» method to begin.

Magento 2 shipping rules

Navigate to the «Stores» tab, then select the «Configuration» option. Open the «Sales» tab and choose the «Shipping Methods» section from the left menu. Expand the «Free Shipping» section, enable this method and configure it for a certain carrier service, that you will use.

Magento 2 shipping

Then, jump to the «Marketing» tab and hit the «Cart Price Rules» button under the «Promotions» section. Click on the «Add New Rule» button. Fill in the name of the rule and description. Switch status to «Active» and select websites to apply the rule to. In addition, you need to specify the customer groups and set coupons to one of the provided options:

Magento 2 rules

  • No coupon to offer a free shipping promotion without a coupon;
  • Specific coupon to activate the price rule with a coupon.

Magento shipping rules

On the next step, you should select the «Actions» tab from the left menu. Then, switch the «Apply to Shipping Amount» and «Discard Subsequent Rules» options to Yes. The «Free Shipping» setting should be substituted with «For shipment with matching items».

shipping rules Magento 2

Finally, you can set the default label for all websites or for current Store View only. Then, hit the «Save Rule» button.

Magento 2 shipping rules default

Now, all the appropriate information has been set and we can turn to free shipping for orders over certain amount. There is only one difference, that should be taken into consideration. You should open the Conditions section from the left menu of the same «New Cart Price Rule» menu. Hit the plus button and select subtotal as condition. Then define its value to create a condition, that provide a free shipping after a certain subtotal. Don’t forget to save your shipping rule.

shipping rules Magento

Following the instruction above, you can add two shipping rules to your Magento 2 store er use Magento 2 shipping extension . Thus, they can be useful to provide you with further functionality.

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