Shipping Rates in Magento 2

There are seven shipping methods in Magento 2, however you can fully configure the shipping rates only for two of them: flat rate and table rates. The former is activated by default beyond all the provided methods. The latter should be enabled manually.

What’s the difference between them? The flat rate is the most simple shipping method in terms of configuration. All you need to do to get it up and running is to set a shipping fee and fill in the default settings.

Magento 2 shipping rates

The table rates method works in a bit different way. You should create a table, that will help the store to calculate shipping fees, depending on various conditions such as customers location and order details.

Magento 2 shipping rates table

Now let’s open the Magento 2 admin panel to begin. Then, select the «Store» tab and click on the «Configuration» option. When done, expand the «Sales» tab and choose the «Shipping Methods» section. Here they are.

Magento 2 shipping rates configuration

Expand the flat rate method and enable it. Then, switch your attention to the «Price» field. This is the overall price of shipping that you should set. Other details may be specified or left default.

Now we are going to learn, how to set up the table rates method.

First, keep in mind to enable it. Second, you will need to decide, what condition to select. There are three different types: «Weight vs. Destination», «Price vs. Destination» and «Number of Items vs. Destination». Each condition defines the formula that will Magento 2 use to calculate shipping fee. Like with the flat rate, you should fill in other fields or leave them unchanged.

Magento 2 shipping conditions

Next, you will need to create a table rate data. On top of the administrative page find the «Store View» switch with the dropdown menu. Choose the appropriate store view to create the table rates shipping method for. Then, after the page reload, return to the «Shipping Methods» section. Now you will be able to see the export menu for the table rates method. Hit the

«Export» button and se-lect location to save the file to your computer. You should manually edit this file on your computer to establish the table rates you want.

Magento shipping rates

When you finish editing the file, you will have to import it in the same section. Hit the «Choose File» button near the «Import» line and choose the file that you have edited. When done, hit the «Save Config» button. This is it!

To check that newly configured method works correctly, you will need to pass through the payment process using different shipping addresses. You can make sure, that new table rates are calculated in the right way. As an advice, we can recommend to use a free shipping method, as the most pre-ferred among customers.

Also, you may pay attention to the Magento 2 shipping extension which can simplify shipping configuration on your store.

Shipping Suite

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