Rich Snippets for Magento 2

Rich Snippet is a structured data markup added to your existing HTML that allows search engines to easily process information contained on your Magento store. For example, when you search something using Google, it will show you the title, its URL, a little description, and added information such as a star rating or its price. This happens when site administrators add Rich Snippets to their HTML. Employing Rich Snippets is beneficial for both customers and store owner. Customers can sift through the results faster and owners can reach their specific target in market.

To be able to employ Rich Snippets, add a structured data of the suitable data type of your content.

Magento 2 rich snippets

Here are the following Rich Snippets data types:

  • Products – includes information about the product such as name, description, image, price, review ratings, seller, condition and availability.
  • Recipes – includes the type of dish, preparations, nutritional information and reviews.
  • Reviews – includes reviews of a store, movie or restaurant. Properties include both individual and aggregate reviews.
  • Event – includes event’s official name, start and end date, location and ticket details. Google only supports organized events such as musical concerts, art festivals, etc.
  • Software Application – includes software app, its URL, price and review ratings.
  • Videos – includes embedded video content from a website, with description and a thumbnail.
  • Articles – iIncludes news articles with headline, publisher’s info and images.

Make sure to select the appropriate type of your content and comply with its policies regarding its Rich Snippet display. Some Magento 2 store uses techniques that do not comply with such policies. They markup irrelevant and misleading contents to increase their store’s traffic. Google has begun to take action and has started to penalize these offenders.

Manually adding Rich Snippets to your content can be cumbersome. Fortunately for those maintaining a Magento based store, it offers a Magento Rich Snippets extension which optimizes the use of structured data markup and makes it a whole lot easier.

This extension includes:

  • Product Page Rich Snippets that provide users or customers with substantial amount of data about your product. It helps search engines find and display details such as review stars, categories, ratings, brands, payment methods, delivery methods, color, etc.
  • Category Page Rich Snippets that allow you to place markup tags on category pages and inform search engines about your product’s prices and quantity.
  • Markup Tags for Breadcrumbs and CMS Pages that will make site navigation easier. It leads customers directly to their targeted category.
  • Event Rich Snippets that will help you market your organized events faster and easier. With this, you can display your event’s attribute set, event type, location and date in search results.
  • Website Info that will let you specify website name and description used in Twitter Cards, Facebook Open Graphs, etc. With this, you can also add a Sitelinks Search Box that lets customers search your Magento 2 store directly from Google’s results page.
  • Merchant or Seller Info that provides clear and relevant information about your business. You can include your store name, description, location, contacts, etc.

If you need to simplify the process of Rich snippet acquiring and need more seo features for your Magento 2 store, maybe this seo solution will be useful for you.

Extended Rich Snippets

Draw users attention and win the click with more detailed search engine results.


Product Reviews & Ratings

Enrich the default Magento 2 reviews/ratings functionality with PRO features. Let users evaluate reviews, rate them as 'useful' and 'not useful' and more.


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