PayPal Configuration in Magento 2

There are eleven payment methods in Magento 2 and PayPal takes three of them. Each PayPal method has a number of sub methods, which in turn increase the overall number of solutions to six. From this article you will figure out the difference between each method and learn how to configure them.

PayPal offers 3 payment methods in Magento 2:

  • PayPal All-in-One Payment Solutions
  • PayPal Payment Gateways
  • PayPal Express Checkout

The main question is about the difference.

Magento 2 PayPal payment options

The first, PayPal All-in-One Payment Solutions is a secure bundled payment method with the number of PCI-compliant solutions:

  • Payments Advanced (Includes Express Checkout) – provides your shoppers with a more cus-tomized and secure checkout with no need to redirect from your site.
  • Payments Pro (Includes Express Checkout) – allows you to attach your personal PayPal mer-chant account with a fully configurable gateway that lets buyers pay without abandoning your site.
  • Payments Standard – gives you the ability to securely accept credit or debit cards and standard PayPal payments.

Magento 2 Paypal config

This method and its options can be characterized as all-in-one solutions. You can configure them and start accept various types of payments only with PayPal. There is no need in other payment options in this case.

The second, PayPal Payment Gateways processes payments with the help of your personal inter-net merchant account and has two options:

  • Payflow Pro (Includes Express Checkout) – enables you to connect your individual merchant ac-count with a fully configurable gateway that lets customers pay directly on your site.
  • Payflow Link (Includes Express Checkout) – attach your merchant account to a PCI-compliant gateway that allows customers to pay without leaving your site.

How to config Magento 2 Paypal

As you can see, this two options support only PayPal payments, while credit or debit cards are not supported.

Magento 2 Paypal options

The third payment method is called PayPal Express Checkout and has only one available option of the same name. Express Checkout adds one more payment method to your existing solution or can be used as a self-contained option. In other words, Express Checkout can support both PayPal and other methods in your store.

PayPal payment options configuration in Magento 2

Magento 2 Paypal config

Open the admin panel of your store and select the «Stores» tab. Then, choose the «Configuration» option, expand the «Sales» section and hit the «Payment Methods» button.

Magento 2 Paypal

Note! You need to have a personal account in the PayPal system. Because when setting up any of the PayPal business accounts, you need to feel in the email address and password that is connect-ed with your private PayPal account. Moreover, you may create an additional user name in PayPal to use it during the transactions. It helps to secure your main PayPal account.

Paypal Magento 2

In case you don’t have one, there are a lot of links right in the admin panel that will lead you to the PayPal site to create an account.

Other settings may depend on the selected payment option. For example, you can set the credit card types or define the list of countries to support in your store. All these settings are pretty easy to configure.

When done, you can try your newly configured payment solution on the front-end trying to pur-chase something.

This is it. Hit the Save Config button to complete the configuration.

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