Order Status in Magento 2

Each order has an order status which is associated with the stage in Magento 2 order processing workflow.

Magento 2 Order Management Workflow

The order state describes the position of an order in the workflow. Below is the diagram that describes all the steps.

Magento 2 order processing workflow

Magento has the following pre-defined states: New, Pending Payment, Processing, Complete, Closed, Canceled, On Hold, Payment Review.

Also, there is a number of pre-defined order statuses, like Processing, Pending Payment, Suspected Fraud, Payment Review, Pending, On Hold, Complete, Closed, Canceled, Pending PayPal.

Here is what each of the state/status mean:

  • New indicates that an order is created, but no payment has been made;
  • Pending means no invoice and shipments have been submitted;
  • Processing indicates that an order have been invoiced or shipped, but not both;
  • Complete is shown when you both generated an invoice and shipped an order;
  • On hold is a manually assigned status, meaning you can put an order on hold;
  • Canceled is assigned by a store owner or a payment gateway if an order haven't been paid for;
  • Closed indicated that an order have had a credit memo assigned to it and the customer has received a refund.

  • Default Order Statuses in Magento 2

    To check the list of predefined order statuses, go to Stores - Order Status. You’ll see all the existing statutes in the store. Set the 'Default Status' filter to 'Yes' to show only the default statuses.

    order status Magento 2

    How to Create a New Order Status?

    If the default statuses can't cover all your business needs, you can create a custom order status. To do this, hit the button of the same name and specify the following options:

    • Status Code is for internal use only (specific symbols and spacing is not allowed);
    • Status Label is the name of the status visible both in the Admin panel and storefront;
    • Default Store View is the default name of the status.

    create Magento 2 order status

    How to Assign an Order Status to a State

    To refer the newly created status to the order state, hit the 'Assign Status to State'. Even more, you can set your custom status as default and make it visible to the customers on the front-end.

    assign Magento 2 order status

    In the list of order statuses you can break down the connection between status and state with the help of the 'Unassign' button.