Order Status in Magento 2

Order workflow in Magento 2 couldn’t be imagined without Order Status. But in general, the Order Status management is a simple process without any complicated settings. Let’s check this in the admin panel of your Magento 2 store.

Jump to the «Stores» tab and choose the «Order Status» option. You’ll see the list of all the existing statuses in the store. Set the «Default Status» filter to «Yes» and hit «Enter» to show only the default statuses. Here they are.

order status Magento 2<.p>

On top of that, you can see other columns, like Names, Codes, Visibility on the Front-end and State Code with the Title.

Magento 2 order status<.p>

Usually, these statuses covers all your needs in the order workflow, but in Magento 2 you can modify this list. To create a new status, hit the button of the same name. Then, you should specify only three options: Status Code, Status Label and Default Store View. The code is used only for the internal needs, the label is displayed for the customers of your eCommerce store. Finally, with the «Default Store View» option you can refer a certain status to the selected store view. Click the «Save» button to end the process.

create Magento 2 order status<.p>

Next, you can refer the newly created status to the possible order state. Hit the «Assign Status to State» button to do that. In the following screen one of the existing order statuses should be assigned to one of the default order states. Moreover, you can set this status as default and make it visible for the customers on the front-end. To end with the configuration, click the «Save Status Assignment» button.

assign Magento 2 order status

In the list of order statuses you are able to break down the connection between status and state with the help of the «Unassign» button. That is all about order status in Magento 2.

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