Edit Order and Delete Order Functionality in Magento 2

Interacting with orders is one of the most significant activities in the eCommerce store. Magento 2 provides you with basic tools to work with the new and existing orders. You should keep in mind that some important features are missed intentionally, but we will talk about them later.

In general, you can find the whole list of orders in the Administrative Panel of your Magento 2 store. Simply select the «Sales» tab and then click the «Orders» button. You can select any order from the list to receive all the available info on it. In addition, it is possible to make bulk actions by selecting the multiple orders and then choosing the action from the appropriate drop-down menu. You can cancel, hold or unhold orders from the list and print out any kind of supporting documents.

Magento 2 order edit

Also, there are some restrictions.

First, if you make any changes to the customer’s address, you will have to define the shipping method again. If a customer used a credit card as a payment method, you should re-enter all the data again.

Second, by default you can’t edit orders that have been invoiced.

Third and final restriction is about deleting orders. Magento 2 doesn’t allow you such an action. The only possible way to ‘delete’ the order is to mark the order as cancelled. Alternatively, you can implement the extension which adds such functionality.

In addition to that, you have very limited tools to edit the existing orders. So, using an extension with additional functionality could become a solution.

Magento 2 edit order

Magento 2 delete order

At last, lets pay our attention to the process of the new order creation. Hit the appropriate button and then select a customer to add an order to. You can manually change the details, including shipping and billing addresses. But the main point here is to add products. Click on the «Add Products» button and select products, that should form the order.

delete orde rMagento 2

After that, the customer will be involved into the order workflow by receiving a notification.

You can simplify the process of order editing by using 3d party Magento 2 Order management plugin.

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