Magento 2 Multi Vendors

Magento 2 is a quite powerful eCommerce platform. It is used to establish thousands of stores all over the world. Some of them offer a lot of products to choose from with a single limitation. Only store owner decides what products will be on sale.

Magento 2 multi vendors

By default, Magento 2 doesn’t allow you to transform your store into a big marketplace. It means that your store can’t be managed by multiple vendors. Hence, customers are always limited with a certain number of products that you provide.

By opening the doors to multiple vendors you can easily transform your eCommerce store into a cyber-marketplace. Vendors can establish their own stores inside your store and dramatically increase the total number of products on offer.

However, you can’t enable this functionality in Magento 2 by default. It requires 3rd party Magento 2 extensions that will allow you to manage permissions for different users and transform them into competent vendors.

Newly added vendors will be able to add their own products to your store and attract new customers. This practice is quite good for both a store owner and customers:

- your store will attract more customers that will be spread around all vendors;
- you can collect fee from every purchase from vendors;
- customers will have more products to choose from.

Store & Currency Auto Switcher

Advanced multi-store and multi-currency functionality. Automatically redirects customers to the localized stores and switches to their home currencies.


Currency Auto Switcher

Expand your Magento business to the new markets. Automatically switch your prices to the customers' home currencies.



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